Israeli woman points and screams at an Arab man near Azad.

Tim King

The discrimination that these Israeli citizens exhibit is akin to the pressure put on so many groups over the years, including their own ancestors in Germany during the 1930’s.
Azad protest

(HAIFA / SALEM) – Nationalism is a dangerous product in the wrong hands, and when you toss in a dose of religious extremism, the kind that leads to the genocidal decimation of an entire culture, you are on dangerous ground.

Welcome to Israel. This is a place where you can’t run your own business; the Israeli military runs it. The IDF, according to Israeli law apparently, can decide what dress codes can be enforced, but only for Palestinian restaurant owners.

That is the story of Azad Restaurant, where a simple ‘No Uniform’ policy long in effect, has led to a closure notice from the city of Haifa.

But that’s not enough. Indignant to the bone that a Palestinian would “dare” not serve an Israeli soldier in uniform, demonstrators gathered in front of Azad looking less like a protest and appearing more like a big ugly mob.

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