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November 2008

The Assault on Mumbai

India’s Leaders Need to Look Closer to Home


The terrorist assault on Mumbai’s five-star hotels was well planned, but did not require a great deal of logistic intelligence: all the targets were soft. The aim was to create mayhem by shining the spotlight on India and its problems and in that the terrorists were successful. The identity of the black-hooded group remains a mystery.

The Deccan Mujahedeen, which claimed the outrage in an e-mail press release, is certainly a new name probably chosen for this single act. But speculation is rife. A senior Indian naval officer has claimed that the attackers (who arrived in a ship, the M V Alpha) were linked to Somali pirates, implying that this was a revenge attack for the Indian Navy’s successful if bloody action against pirates in the Arabian Gulf that led to heavy casualties some weeks ago.

The Indian Prime Minister, Manmohan Singh, has insisted that the terrorists were based outside the country. The Indian media has echoed this line of argument with Pakistan (via the Lashkar-e-Taiba) and al-Qaeda listed as the usual suspects.

Internationalization of the Amazon

(English translation by Google Translate )

During a debate at a university in the United States, the Education Minister Cristovam Buarque, was asked about what he thought about the internationalization of the Amazon.The young American student began his question by saying that he hoped a reply from a humanist, not a Brazilian.

– Here is the response of Mr. Cristovam Buarque.

– Indeed, as a Brazilian, I rise simply against the internationalization of the Amazon. Regardless of the lack of attention of our governments to this heritage, it is ours.

As a humanist, aware of the risk of environmental degradation plaguing the Amazon, I can imagine that the Amazon is internationalized, as the rest everything that was important to all humanity. If, on behalf of a humanistic ethic, we must internationalize the Amazon, then we should internationalize the oil reserves in the world.

Oil is also important for the welfare of humanity that the Amazon is for our future. And despite that, the masters of oil reserves feel the right to increase or decrease in oil, or not to increase its price.

In the same way, we should internationalize the financial capital of the rich countries. If Amazon is a reserve pour all men, it may not be scorched by the will of its owner, or a country. Burning the Amazon is as serious as unemployment caused by the arbitrary decisions of speculators in the global economy.

We can not let the financial reserves burn whole countries for the pleasure of speculation.

Before Amazon, I would like to attend the internationalization of all major museums in the world. The Louvre does not belong to France alone. Every museum in the world is the custodian of the finest works produced by the human genius.

“We can not let this cultural heritage, Along with the natural heritage of the Amazon, being manipulated and destroyed according to the fantasy of a single owner or of a single country.

Some time ago, a Japanese millionaire decided to bury him with a picture of a great teacher. Before this happens, we should internationalize the table.
While this meeting takes place, the UN organize the Millennium Forum, but some presidents of countries have found it difficult to attend, because of difficulties at the borders of the United States.

I therefore believe that it would be New York, the headquarters UN or international.

At least Manhattan should belong to all humanity. Like the rest Paris, Venice, Rome, London, Rio de Janeiro, Brasilia, Recife, each city with its special beauty, and its history of the world should belong to the world.

If the United States want to internationalize the Amazon, because of the risk that runs the result of the leave in the hands of the Brazilians, then internationalize also the entire nuclear arsenal of the United States. If only by what they are able to use such weapons, which cause destruction miles Both largest deplorable that the Brazilian forest fires.

During their discussions, the current candidate for President of the United States have supported the idea of an international forest reserves the world in exchange for debt relief. Let us begin with this debt used to ensure that all the world’s children have the opportunity to eat and go to school.

internationalize children, treating them, no matter where they are born, as a heritage that deserves worldwide attention.

Even more so than the Amazon. When world leaders treat poor children of the world as a World Heritage Site, they do not leave work when they should go to school, they do not let die when they should live.

As a humanist agree to defend the idea of a Internationalization of the world. But as the world will treat me as a Brazilian, I will fight so that the Amazon stays ours. And only ours!

19-year-old Abraham K Biggs commits suicide live on webcam

Abu Kamel of the al-Kurd family has died two weeks after Israel forcibly evicted him from his home of 52 years

From ISM

November 23rd, 2008

Abu Kamel of the Al-Kurd family, evicted by Israel from their home in Occupied East Jerusalem on the 9th November, has died after suffering from a severe heart-attack.

This comes two weeks after he was taken immediately to hospital following the night-time invasion and forcible eviction from his home of 52 years by Israeli forces.

The funeral will be held at 11am, 23rd November in Sheikh Jarrah, Occupied East Jerusalem.




Click here for web site

Of course, I support any move towards peace but when I see the above site referring you to Progressive Zionists, I cringe : contradiction in terms. Zionism is racist is retrograde, is doomed anyway.

Free Gaza to Aid Agencies: “Deliver it by Sea!”

November 18, 2008


Greta Berlin, France +33 49 34 24 309

Angela Godfrey-Goldstein, Jerusalem +972 547 366 393

Osama Qashoo, U.K. +44 78 33 38 16 60
Paul Larudee, U.S. +1 510 236 5338

The Free Gaza Movement today issued this open letter to all organizations delivering humanitarian aid to the Gaza Strip

Israel’s closure of its land borders with Gaza, and Egypt’s submission to Israeli pressure to close the Rafah border is a
humanitarian disaster for 1.5 million Palestinians. The United Nations announced last Thursday that inside Gaza it had run out of the food essentials to supply 750,000 desperately needy citizens. “This has become a blockade against the United Nations itself,” a spokesman said.

Therefore, the sea route to Gaza must be considered as a viable option to deliver essential supplies.  Since August 2008, the Free Gaza Movement has delivered aid and personnel to Gaza three times without Israeli or Egyptian intervention. Our boat, the DIGNITY, sailed directly from international waters to the waters of Gaza.

The Free Gaza Movement now has an inspection procedure in place in Cyprus to ensure the boat and contents comply with international regulations. In addition, we publish information about our passengers and cargo that ensures nothing and no one harmful is on board. Israel has shown itself willing to accept such assurances from us.

The Free Gaza Movement therefore encourages all agencies to consider the sea route to deliver aid to Gaza. Furthermore, a concerted effort to use the sea will make it all but impossible for Israel to close this vital route.

We are available to assist interested parties and to offer our services. Please contact one or more of the people listed on this release.


The Free Gaza Movement, a human rights group, sent two boats to Gaza in August 2008. These were the first international boats to land in the port in 41 years. Since August, two more voyages were successful, taking Parliamentarians, human rights workers, and other dignitaries to witness the effects of Israel’s draconian policies are on the civilians of Gaza.

Media Team

Canada : Media giant tries to muzzle parody of Middle East coverage

Mordecai Briemberg on battle with Canadian media major over satire of Middle East coverage

In early November, Canadian media giant Canwest Mediaworks dropped its lawsuit against Mordecai Briemberg, a lawsuit which alleged that he infringed on Canwest’s trademark rights.

The case pertained to the creation of a parody of one of Canwest’s many papers, The Vancouver Sun. The parody satirized what its creators see as Canwest’s biased coverage of the Israel-Palestine conflict; and while there was no evidence that Mordecai had any role in the creation of the paper, Mordecai posits that it was the building of public pressure that caused Canwest to drop the suit, as they had known about the absence of evidence for months.

While Mordecai suit was dropped, Canwest has refused to drop its suit against the two others who have taken responsibility for the creation of the parody. Mordecai contends that parody is a cherished tradition of dissent in the society and that Canwest’s lawsuits amount to an attack on freedom of speech.

Part I

Part II

Actions needed: As time runs out Gazans slowly dying

Actions needed: As time runs out Gazans slowly dying


Power, food, medicine, treatment and all aspects of live vanished from the Gaza strip. The 7 crossings are totally closed with no glimpse of hope to reopen them again. Israel went on more deep flagrant violations of all human laws as it blocked the UNRWA aids into Gaza.

750.000 UNRWA’s beneficiaries are exposed to hunger and lack of food.

On Saturday, the United Nations offices closed its food aid distribution centers and  20,000 Gazans walked away empty-handed from the UN food distribution centers.

More than 1 million live in deep darkness since 2 days as 80% of Gaza strip out of power.

John Ging, UNRWA operation director along with MP. Gamal El Khoudary, head of Popular Committee against Siege PCAS appealed to MR. Banki Mon UN Secretary general and Beneta verira EU Commissioner as well as all International officials to pressure on Israel to end siege and deadly collective punishment policy.

The situation in the Gaza Strip is shifting from “collective punishment to genocide,” said Jamal Al-Khudari, member of the Palestinian Legislative Council (PLC) and head of the popular committee against the siege in Gaza.

Please act now, please do something!

Will you let us die?

Please contact your representatives and ask them to use all their political might to break the Israeli blockade of Gaza!

Please demonstrate in front of the Israeli and Egyptian embassies in your country and ask them to open the borders!

Please STOP THE GENOCIDE before it will be too late !

Please let us know which kind of action you intend to do. May be we will not be able to read our emails due to the lack of power but try it :

In Gaza:

If not Gaza’s facts will go deeper than the info below!

In Gaza, Palestinian people are subjected to medieval siege and forgotten by the international community. The borders are totally closed.

-Around 80% of Gaza populations live under poverty line.

–  1.100.000 peoples depend on humanitarian aids provided by UNRWA, Arab, Islamic and foreign organizations.

-Unemployment ratio reached 65%

–  60% of Gaza’s children suffer from Malnutrition.

-About 97% of factories and workshops stopped working, specifically 3900 factories. The industrial zone of Gaza is completely closed.

– Individual income 650$ per year and 2 $ a day..

-Freedom of movement from Gaza to the West bank, Jerusalem and outside world is being blocked.

– Around 260 people died due to blocking them from either travel for treatment or lack of medicines.

–  Nearing to 40% of siege victims are from children.

–  About 150 of medicines sorts are not available in Gaza.

–  The only medical factory is halted due to shortage of raw materials.

–  Projects of constructing and developing hospitals, clinics and educational bodies are being suspended!

– There are still daily power cuts

We ask you to support the resistance of the people by mobilizing against Gaza Siege and Israeli occupation which kill gradually people. We call on whoever still believes in justice, humanity, liberation, and resistance against tyranny to stand with us and:

Ask an immediate end of the Gaza Siege

Expose Israeli occupation, apartheid, and colonialism

Reach out to your media!

Reach out to your political representatives!

Stop support Israeli apartheid!

Popular Committee Against Siege(PCAS),

PCAS Manager,

Sam AKi

Gaza – Palestine



اللجنة الشعبية لمواجهة الحصار

Analysis of Rahm Emanuel, Obama’s Chief of Staff, Pt1

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