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March 30, 2010

What the Reut Institute really wants: NOT one person-one vote

by Cecilie Surasky under Reut Institute.

A week after his visit to AIPAC, I am left wondering if it is possible for anyone other than Bibi Netanyahu to so beautifully embody the notion of “strutting victimization”. And yet, it’s not just Bibi who can taunt Israel’s primary sponsor, the United States, with plans for endless settlement expansion while simultaneously playing the powerless victim. (I’m sure my Israeli friends have much to say on this phenomenon.) The people at Israel’s Reut Institute have also mastered this unpleasant juxtaposition of aggression and powerlessness.

As Carol Sanders put it so beautifully in The Only Democracy?:

Reut Institute, a leading Israeli national security and socioeconomic policy think tank, has released its preliminary report on “The Delegitimization Challenge: Creating a Political Firewall” In an extraordinary exercise in doublethink, Reut scratches its head over Israel’s declining diplomatic status in the aftermath of its assault on Gaza and the Goldstone Report, and concludes that, yet again, it is the victim.

Among its key victimizers, and therefore targets? Human rights and peace organizations.

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The mud squad in Arlington


The Agency: CIA terrorist sting operation in a Post Office. A good video to show why deconfliction is so important, with an added appearance from the FBI, the former INS, the Secret Service, and the Local Police.

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