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March 14, 2010

Israel’s Arabs have been misbehaving lately

By Gideon Levy

Our Arabs have been misbehaving lately. After all we did for Scandar Copti – funding and grooming him and sending him off to Hollywood – he dared say that his film “Ajami” – our film, the film of us all – doesn’t represent us in the end. After we allowed MK Ahmed Tibi to study medicine at Hebrew University (!) and even let him be elected to the Knesset, he dared compare our saintly Zionist militants – the Olei Hagardom who were hanged by the British during the Mandate period – to their terrorists. That’s not nice, Scandar. That’s not right, Ahmed.

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Press TV-Face to Face-Baroness Jenny Tonge-02-10-2010

Murder Mossad-style: Spy expert on Dubai cloak-and-dagger story

Found at Gilad’s

The investigation into the assassination of a Hamas leader in Dubai hotel is in full swing, with evidence mounting against the Israeli secret service. An expert on the intelligence community, Gordon Thomas, the murder was ‘Mossad-style’ and their form of execution.

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