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September 2009

Al Aqsa clash 9/27/2009 اقتحام الاقصى

Israeli forces on Sunday fired rubber bullets and stun grenades at Palestinians who attempted to prevent a Zionist rally ( Lunatics jews who want to build the third temple ) from entering the al-Haram al-Sharif courtyard within the compound on the Jewish holy day of Yom Kippur.

Dozens of Palestinians have been injured and at least seven detained after Israeli special forces stormed the al-Aqsa mosque compound in occupied East Jerusalem.

UN investigator defends Gaza report

More than 1,400 Palestinians, a third of them women and children, died in the offensive [GALLO/GETTY

More than 1,400 Palestinians, a third of them women and children, died in the offensive [GALLO/GETTY]

A United Nations investigator has defended a report published earlier this month that accuses Israel and Palestinian fighters of war crimes following the Israeli offensive in Gaza earlier this year.

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Everything You Know About Iran Is A Myth

Photo: modified from an original by TIME Inc.
Photo: modified from an original by TIME Inc.

There are some terms that people in Islamic and Western countries should never say to each other, because they confuse and inflame more than they clarify. The most obvious ones would be “jihad”, “crusade” and “great satan”. All of them are used in somewhat innocuous ways by the people who utter them, but mean something completely different – and much more inflammatory – to foreign ears.

I would like to propose a topical addition to the list of words that should never be used, and that would be “myth”. Specifically when it is used in the context in which Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and Egyptian Brotherhood leader Mohammed Mehdi Akef have mentioned it in recent months, i.e. to speak of “the myth of the Holocaust” (Egyptian Islamists deny Holocaust; BBC News, 23 Dec 2005) . They know what they mean by the phrase, and I know what they mean, but if they think that most people over here are going to hear it and respond with anything more profound than “Holocaust deniers!” then they are deeply ignorant of how central is the Holocaust in U.S. perceptions of the Middle East, how superficial is the U.S. public discourse on relations with the Muslim world, and how much that discourse is framed by those who are pushing for a “clash of civilizations” and who are currently fixated on finding a justification to bring about regime change in Iran.

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Deformed embryos in Gaza due to IOF use of banned weapons

Palestinian Information Center


September 27, 2009

GAZA, (PIC) — The Palestinian ministry of health has declared that a number of Palestinian women in the Gaza Strip had delivered deformed babies and attributed the phenomenon to the Israeli occupation forces’ (IOF) use of internationally banned weapons during the latest war on Gaza.

Dr. Muawiya Hassanein, the director of the ambulance and emergency department, said that the deformities were caused by the IOF troops’ use of those weapons against civilians such as white phosphorus, dyme and various kinds of poisonous gases.

He noted that those weapons were intensively used in a number of areas in the Strip.

The health official said that only ten months after the war on Gaza five deformed embryos were detected for babies conceived during and after the war.

There could be other hereditary tragedies and diseases especially cancer as a result of the intensified use of those weapons, Hassanein underlined.

He said that a number of international investigation committees and institutions had taken samples of those weapons during their tour of Gaza but did not disclose them before the world to protect Israeli leaders from prosecution at international courts for crimes against humanity.

The whole world is against us

dry bones

What Iraqi journalist who threw shoes at Bush had to say

BAGHDAD — Muntadhar al Zaidi, the Iraqi reporter who threw his shoes at former President Bush last year in an act of protest that gained international notoriety, was freed from an Iraqi prison Tuesday after nine months behind bars and gave a passionate defense of his actions.

Here are his remarks, translated by McClatchy special correspondent Sahar Issa.

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I am Israel

Shoe-thrower flown out of Iraq

”]Relatives of al-Zeidi celebrated his release [EPA]
News Middle East

Relatives of al-Zeidi celebrated his release [EPA]

Muntadhar al-Zeidi, the television reporter jailed for throwing his shoes at George Bush, the former US president, has left Iraq after being released from prison.

He flew to Syria on a private jet on Tuesday, before heading to Greece where he will undergo medical treatment, Uday al-Zeidi, one of his brothers, said.

Uday al-Zeidi said his brother had been hiding after making remarks to the press the same day, “because we fear for his life”.

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Tent cities spring up in LA

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