Fayez SARAH must testify today at the trial of Anwar Raslan officer of the Syrian regime accused of crimes against humanity, trial held in Koblenz in Germany . Fayez is a Syrian journalist who has been in prison several times, the first in 2008 for writing an article calling for the release of political prisoners, especially those who had signed the text of the Damascus Declaration, a text that called for a peaceful change of governance in Syria and a political opening of the country.
After the beginning of the revolution, two of Fayez’s children were arrested in 2012 by Assad’s henchmen for demonstrating against the regime; they were released a few months later but his son Wissam (photo) was arrested again in January 2013. Being actively sought by the Assad regime, Fayez is forced to leave Syria.

On January 14, 2014 he learns from his exile in Istanbul the death of his son under torture via a cable sent by the military police asking his daughter who remained in Damascus to go to the military police detention center to retrieve the body of Wissam. But to recover the body of the deceased, the family is forced to sign a document that indicates that Wissam was killed by “terrorists”…

When I think that Fabrice Balanche during a debate I had with him on France Culture dared to call the “opponents of the outside” opposition of Hotel and Palace while the vast majority have fled forced and forced the barbarity of the regime and have left everything behind, I say to myself that the place of Balanche as that of Thierri Mariani or Regis le Sommier is in the same cage as Anwar Raslan in Koblenz for complicity in crimes against humanity.

Assad released the Islamists from his prisons in 2011 to replace them with intellectuals, students, doctors, activists… all of them pacifists. Many have died and others are dying in prison, and some continue to claim that the one who has fed terrorism is a bulwark against barbarism.

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