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Investigation by ITV News Correspondent Dan Rivers and Foreign News Editor Jonathan Wald
This report contains images and descriptions some people may find upsetting.
His death made few headlines in Britain in August – another migrant who died trying to cross the Channel.
A photo emerged in the Belgian media, starkly showing the body lying face down having been pulled from the sea.
It was black and white but still harrowing in its portrayal of the man who was wearing a flipper and a homemade buoyancy aid; made from 12 plastic bottles and some crude netting.
He was found in a wind farm 28km off the Beligan coast – but authorities had little else information to work with. Papers he carried suggested his name was Masoud Niknam.
His body was found off the Belgian coast – wrapped in netting and plastic bottles. Credit: ITV News

That led police to think perhaps he was from Iraq.
Weeks later, we filmed his lonely burial near Bruges.
A handful of strangers watched a coffin being lowered into the ground. We were determined to investigate this tragedy, but there was little to go on.
This week all that changed when the man who presided over the funeral told us the police had handed back Masoud’s few possessions.
He entrusted them to ITV News in the hope we could find out more about the man who drowned trying to swim to these shores.
The books Masoud carried were still wet from the sea.

His possessions were few, but led to clues about his life. Credit: ITV News