The final and only solution is a pure Jewish state empty from all the Palestinians

In an exclusive interview with Ben Caspit from Al-Monitor February 22, 2017, Israel Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman confirmed that he still “supports a two-state solution”, but one involving population as well as land “swaps” and as one part of a regional. In another word, Liberman is clearly advocating for all Palestinian citizens of Israel (currently 20% of the population) to be stripped of their citizenship and forcibly expelled into the tiny Palestinian territories. This would include all the current Knesset members who are Palestinians. The second part of his plan is the total annexation of all areas that contain Jewish settlements that are currently built on private Palestinian lands in the West Bank. Practically a solution worse than the bantustan solution with an aryan twist. A Jewish state empty of Palestinians, and a tiny Palestinian “state” empty of Jews.

Below is except from the interview which interesting headed as “Israel defense minister: we must coordinate moves with Trump

“I don’t know what anyone else’s position is. All I know is my position. I haven’t budged from it in close to 15 years. On this particular issue, over time I have only become more convinced of my position. As part of a two-state solution, we must establish a Jewish state, not a binational state. The model that is now on the table is based on the creation of a homogeneous Palestinian state, in which there are no Jews, alongside a binational Jewish state with [an Arab] minority making up 20% of the population. I oppose that. I support a two-state solution that includes an exchange of territories and populations rather than ceding territories for peace. The concept of territories for peace has failed.”

“I spoke about this plan at the Munich Conference [Feb. 19]. The auditorium was packed, but no one fell out of their seats [when I presented my plan]. I didn’t hear a single protest. In private talks I had later with numerous senior officials, everyone told me how much sense the plan makes. I spoke loudly and clearly, and I didn’t see anyone shocked by it.”

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