Michaela Spritzendorfer-Ehrenhause was together with Klaus Kufner and Ilse Lahofer in the night of the 9. sebtember in the Refugee camp Röszke 1, to bring relief supplies. She brought home shocking pictures and photographs. 
The variety of impressions about Roszke 1 reach from a female journaliste who made a refugee trip ,the use of pepperspray by authorities and to these pictures. The people who made it into these halls are already priviledged in comparsion to those that have to sleep in tents or outdoor. Food distribution about 8p.m. in the hungarian refugee camp at the serbian-hungarian boarder. About 300 people tried try to catch sandwiches and waterbottles in plastic bags which are thrown in the crowd by the policemen wearing face masks. Women place their children on the fences hoping that they will get their food handed directly to them or sitting with their children on the dirty mats and waiting for someone to bring them a ration. There are no medical supplies. Two paramedics from the hungarian red cross sitting in an empty room on the first floor waiting for emergencys. They are not allowed to give any information about the camp to the journalists. The ambulance can be called in for emergency cases. In the emergency room there is only a little round table with three chairs and blankets. There are band-aids, two kitchen rolls and a stethoscope. On the wall there are one and a half packages of toilet paper and some diper packs. Some poeple try to get in contact by holding up passports or signs with telephone numbers and names of their missed relatifs (a father is looking for his 14 year old son who got taken away by the police) in Kamera hoping that the world doesn´t look away and helps him. The camp exists since about three years, since the beginning of july the flow of refugees has strongly increased. Only within 3 months the camp couldn´t organise the food distribution anymore and coulnt keep it on a fair and human level.