A small boy named Wally lived in Punchbowl, a suburb in South Western Sydney.
None of his classmates liked him because of his gross stupidity, especially his teacher, who was always yelling at
him, “You are driving me mad Wally”.
One evening, during a parent and teacher interview, the teacher told his mother honestly, that her son is simply
a disaster, getting very low marks and she had never taught such a dumb boy in her entire teaching career.
Wally’s mum was so crushed at the teacher’s perception of her son’s lack of intelligence that she withdrew him
from the school and even moved out of Sydney, North of Newcastle.
Wally’s mother never lost faith in her son and she reasoned that a mother’s love and a fresh start would allow
Wally’s full potential to be realised. Her dedication and prayers would overcome all she reasoned, and bring the
success that her son so richly deserved.
Some 25 years later, after a long illness, the teacher was diagnosed with an incurable form of cardiovascular disease.
A number of attending Cardiologists all strongly advised her to have corrective heart surgery.
There was only one surgeon in Australia trained in the technique and able at that time to perform it.
Left with no other options and deteriorating health, the teacher decided to have the operation, which was successful.
When she opened her eyes post operatively she saw a handsome doctor smiling down at her while noting her radial pulse. Overcome with gratitude, she wanted to thank him but she could not talk.
She was becoming increasingly dyspnoeic and then deeply cyanosed before the doctor’s very eyes.
Her face and tongue now blue, she raised her tremulous hand, trying desperately to tell him something but she suddenly collapsed and was unable to be resuscitated.
The doctor was now distraught and frantically trying to work out what went wrong, when he turned around he saw our friend Wally, working as a cleaner in the recovery ward, who had unplugged the oxygen equipment to connect his floor polisher.
Don’t tell me you thought that Wally became a heart-surgeon?