Hour 1: Cenk hosting. Hostage crisis in Sydney Australia. In Pennsburg PA Sgt. Bradley Stone kills 6 people in a mass shooting with warnings. Dick Cheney continued to defend the torture tactics on Meet the Press yesterday. Cheney’s communications people saw MTP as the best platform to get out their message, the way they want to. Video of Cheney claiming that what Americans went through on 9-11 was real torture, not what detainees went thru. Video of Cheney dismissing rectal rehydration techniques as torture since we did it. Video of Cheney outlining why he’s ok with torturing and killing some innocent detainees. He also sticks by his narrative that the torture tactics worked to stop future attacks, despite evidence that it didn’t work.

As more revelations come out, DC is circling the wagons to make sure no one is held responsible. Video of Cheney claiming that torture worked to capture bin Laden and other potential terrorists. The current head of the CIA has hinted this may happen again. Many of the pictures and video of the torture have been destroyed or redacted so that Americans can’t see the reality of what we did. Right after Cheney’s appearance on MTP, Democratic Sen Ron Wyden, who is against torture was shaky on whether or not the people responsible for it will be held accountable, including the head of the CIA, Brennan. Rep Peter King of NY told CNN that the biggest problem is that we aren’t supporting the CIA agents that carried out the torture program. John Yoo, the Justice Dept lawyer that wrote the legal justification for torture couldn’t even defend these tactics. Now that revelations of rectal feeding have become more and more widespread, defenders of the torture tactic have come forward, claiming that it was a medical procedure to feed the detainees unwilling to eat. Videos of Karl Rove and Michael Hayden defending the move. Despite the torture report that claimed Pres Bush wasn’t fully aware of all of the torture techniques, Rove and Cheney both dispute that he was in the dark. Cenk talks about how they are willing to throw Bush under the bus so that they won’t end up there.

Hour 2: Ana joins Cenk for SCS. After the Sydney hostage situation took place, citizens in the country are looking to protect innocent Muslims from potential retaliatory attacks. After noticing some Muslims in religious attire were afraid to ride alone, some other Australian citizens offered to ride with them and protect them. It has been organized under the hashtag #IllRideWIthYou via Twitter. This sparked Cenk’s sarcastic idea to ride with Right Wingers that feel threatened each time a fellow Conservative commits a mass murder. Uber’s system sparked a huge price surge to drive customers out of the attacked area in Sydney, 4 times more than normal rates. After a Cleveland Browns player wore a t-shirt in support of justice for Tamir Rice and John Crawford, the police department released a statement bashing him for being ignorant. The Browns organization did not simply fold to the complaints of the police.

Bill Cosby told an interviewer that he expected the Black media to uphold standards of excellence, and go in with a neutral mind when discussing his rape story. When asked about his wife’s reaction to the allegations, he said its the love and strength of womanhood that has gotten them through it. A cop pulled over an elderly driver with expired stickers and proceeded to tackle him and tase him. At the end of it, the stickers turned out to be within the law. A charter pilot has been fired for letting two young starlets take control of the plane in mid flight. A instructional video from the South Dakota Highway Patrol has released a PSA called “Don’t Jerk & Drive” . A 17 year old high school student has made up to 72 million dollars in trading stocks.