Nicholas Shaxson


Nicholas Shaxson (born 1966) is a British author, journalist, and an Associate Fellow of Chatham House (the Royal Institute of International Affairs in London). He is best known for his investigative books Poisoned Wells(2007) and Treasure Islands (2011). He is a full-time writer and researcher for the Tax Justice Network, an expert-led group focused on the harmful impacts of tax avoidancetax competition and tax havens.


Shaxson was born in Malawi and has lived at various times in IndiaBrazilEnglandLesothoSpainAngola,South AfricaGermany and the Netherlands. Since 1993 he has written on global business and politics for theFinancial TimesReutersthe Economist and its sister publication the Economist Intelligence UnitInternational AffairsForeign AffairsAmerican Interest, the BBCAfrica Confidential, African Energy, and others.

Shaxson currently lives with his partner and their two children in ZürichSwitzerland.

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