Dear Friends,

The media impact having been considerable, you have no doubt learned that we were NOT able to enter the Gaza Strip where we had been invited by a number of women’s associations on the occasion of International Women’s Day.

Most of us had been held up at the Cairo airport by the Egyptian government, which had despicably carried out Israeli orders, thus showing to the world that it fully collaborates in the Gaza blockade.

The boarder between Egypt and the Gaza Strip is effectively hermetically sealed, and not for security reasons. In reality, as the young people of Gaza, who have in their turn launched an appeal for help (as has the Palestinian Center for Human Rights), have written, security is just a pretext, because the Egypt-Israeli boarder at Taba, where incidents have occurred has not been closed a single day!

But look at what the lackeys of the Israeli occupation have won by blocking us in Cairo!

A huge demonstration that lasted 48 hours at the airport in plain vue of Egyptian passengers and air personnel, who, to the great displeasure of those carrying out the dirty work, showed us their approval and encouragement, proving that they are not the dupes of governmental anti-Palestinian propaganda.

The dozens of women from different countries transformed the checkpoint into a truly public scene and made fools of their jailers in front of the world, as you can judge from these images:

The Palestinians who had been waiting for us told us how proud they were of our resistance and our solidarity. More than just a visit of a few days, what those women expect of us, all of us, is that we help them to open the huge prison in which they find themselves, that we help them to no longer have to depend on the charity of European or other institutions, that we help them to break the silence about this 21st century concentration camp, that we help them to recover their freedom.

So we invite you to continue the fight for this liberation with them and with us by all the means at our disposal: the boycott campaign against Israel, the public expression of our indignation, our votes for only those electoral candidates who denounce the blockade and who will watch out that businesses in their cities do not sell products illegally exported by the Israeli occupier.

And we can equally demand of all elected officials, of all political parties, of all associations who say “never again” to officially invite Palestinian women from the Gaza Strip to come visit France.

If you wish to debate with us and with the women of Gaza, we invite you to an important meeting on Saturday, 22 March at 17h00 at the Résistances bookstore in Paris. The program will include a videoconference with the women of Gaza and the screening of films showing our being blocked in Cairo and the campaign against the Gaza blockade. All will take place in the presence of a number of women from the Coalition who will give testimony.

Also we wish to inform you that donations received for the benefit of women’s associations in Gaza before our departure will be rapidly transferred to them. We will keep you informed of their exact use.

Best wishes,


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