In a typical example of chewing ones words without even realizing that, we find a character, who for nearly three years has made a life of denying anything secular in the great Syrian revolution. From the start, this character and a cohort of regime propagandists brandished a witch’s list of prepackaged shrieks “islamist, alqaida, arourri, salafi” leveled at everyone who dared support this revolution. All of a sudden, the hypocrite is now concerned for the safety of non-existing “secular” rebels

“Secular” rebels activists and journalists are not safe anymore in rebels controlled areas. They are the object of threats and kidnapping from the Islamists who are taking over the areas.

Never realizing that by saying so, the deceiptful character is admitting that these areas, considered liberated, were not under islamists control, otherwise, why would they “take the areas over”. They must have displaced some other force, that was not islamists, but has always been described as alqaida offshoot, islamists, salafis, and so on.

This must also be considered along with the fact that those “qualified with double quote” “secular” rebels, who were kidnapped were among the earliest to revolt, form coordination committees, and start some of the most creative peaceful and civil action campaigns against the hypocrite’s masters.

This is not a coincidence and one must be forced to conclude that this hypocrite, or better yet, conspirator, is one of those responsible for the massacres that have murdered real secular Syrians  like Omar Aziz in torture dungeon.

Lack of any qualms about the torture, and active attempts to whitewash massacres has been the hallmark of the work of ugly characters one encounters here on this blog. Humanity will be baffled at their active role in supporting each and every murder and in whitewashing one of the greatest tragedies of modern ages.

Words like contempt and disgust will fall short in describing how a real human being should feel when the lies, deceptions, and active participation in the regime supporting gang here on SC in the murder of hundreds of thousands of Syrians.

The tyrant will fall, but what will live in infamy, is  the role of the regime gang on this blog in inciting and applauding the current wave of sectarian killing by the thugs, whether from the regime’s forces, the hezbulla drugged fanatics, or the lowest of the low of Iraqi society, as well as by those supporting them as a Trojan Horse, planted in liberated areas to return the rule of fear, and never really challenged by the regime or its sectarian friends. All so that a backward, stone-age foreign occupation can set its dark presence on the lives of Syrians and the region.

Flip flopping on their own declared principles, the masters of this group of thoughtless robotic propagandists has already given them the unethical code of conduct that provides mechanistic ways of mental gymnastics to navigate their way. The first chapter of it is all about double-speak, which brings us back to the non-existing, yet feared for “seculars” who started this revolution.

You have murdered people who are far far far better than you could ever dream of becoming. But that is the tragedy of life, a worthless germ like the fool you prop can cause an epidemic that kills millions. It goes without saying that while the germ does it thoughtlessly, you do it deliberately in in that you have deserved the curses of millions.

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  December 11th, 2013, 2:19 pm

  220. SYRIAN HAMSTER   said:


This is why He is a well known writer and I am a mere hamster. Zakaria Tamer says in few words what will take me a book to say:

Zakaria Tamer

الأمر المهمل

أمر الله عباده المؤمنين بالتخلص من كل الطغاة حتى تستحق الحياة أن تعاش، ولكن ثمة خبثاء تظاهروا بالصمم، واستمروا في خدمة الطغاة، وحاربوا تحت راياتهم، بعضهم هلك، وبعضهم الآخر سيهلك، ولا نجاة له من الهلاك