Local Coordination Committees in Syria – 2m

Hundreds of martyrs as well as casualties, majority of whom are civilians, among them dozens of women and children as a result of the barbaric use of poisonous gases by the criminal regime in the towns of Eastern Ghouta earlier today, as the locals in these areas were horrifically subjected to the chemical weapons which led to suffocation of the children and overcrowding field hospitals with hundreds of casualties amid extreme shortage of medical supplies to rescue the victims, particularly Atropine.

The Local Coordination Committees in Syria urgently call on all of the humanitarian international organization, including the Red Cross, Red Crescent, human rights and international community’s organizations to act immediately to save the lives of the civilians in Damascus’ Ghouta and rescue the casualties, as well as to end the medical and nutritional siege imposed on these heavily-populated areas, as the Eastern Ghouta was also shelled by warplanes following the chemical attack that is still ongoing which led to hundreds of casualties and victims, among them entire families.

We also call on the international community, despite its inaction and procrastination, to work and put an end to the massacres against the Syrian People, in which the regime has used every internationally and morally prohibited weapon amid a deplorable silence and stalemate, indirectly giving the regime a green light to continue using chemical weapons against civilians to this day.

source : yalla souriya