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August 13, 2013

Paolo Dall’Oglio dead ? stop ! not confirmed


Pro-Assad group kills Rev. Paolo Dall’Oglio in North east Syria, Atassi says LOCALS 2013-08-12:

Senior Official in the Free Syrian Army have confirmed the execution of Rev. Paolo Dall’Oglio, Jesuit Priest in Ar Raqqa, North east Syria.

Lma al-Attasi, Secretary General of the Syrian national Front affirmed to Zaman Alwasl that the prominent Italian Jesuit, Dall’Oglio, who has been kidnapped by an Islamist group on July 29, was killed in Ar Raqqa, North east Syria.

Attasi has accused the Assad Intelligence by penetrating the ranks of the Islamic groups and contributing in the murder. “The Assad regime should carry the full responsibility.” Some western governments of hiding the news of Dall’Oglio’s killing, she added.

Dall’Oglio was an outspoken supporter of the uprising against Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

The Rev. Paolo Dall’Oglio, 58, lived for three decades in Syria, where he established an ecumenical community at Mar Musa on the site of an early Christian monastery, engaging in interfaith dialogue with Muslims and forging close ties with the local population.

He was expelled in 2012 by the Assad government for his support of the rebels.

The Reuters news agency reported that Dall’Oglio was abducted in the eastern city of Raqqa by members of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, an Islamist group with ties to al-Qaida.

Zaman Alwasl-Exclusive

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