Mark Bei ● Thursday Jul 25, 2013 at 12:37am

Activists have uncovered details of a horrific massacre that left as many as 191 civilians dead in the southern town of Khanasser on Saturday 22nd of June, reportedly perpetrated by Hezbollah militants and Abul Fadel Al-Abbas Brigade.

    Update #2  

Massacre Victims Were Reportedly Burned Alive and Thrown in Wells

Halab News, a network of media activists in Aleppo, is now reporting that victims of Khanasser Massacre were either burned alive or thrown to their deaths in the towns’ wells, according to testimonies given to the news networks by those who survived the horrific massacre.

21 Families among Massacred in Impoverished Khanasser Town

As activists continue to uncover more details regarding the massacre that took place on the 22nd of June in Rassm Al-Nafel, a small impoverished town of 1,600 located in the southern Aleppo region of Khansser, new reports that emerged following interviews with survivors claim that 21 families were among the 191 deaths, and that the brutal massacre was perpetrated by Hezbollah Militants, along with Abul Fadel Al-Abbass Brigade, a Shiite militia that is fighting alonside the Assad regime in several areas.


        Updated at Jul 25, 2013 at 2:27am