The Khatib branch refused to receive me. I was almost finished from beating, and seriously, the colour of my body was changed and my smell was awful. Because, in addition to the fact that I was tortured on the ground, the “popular committees” (Regime militia) urinated over me, and my clothes were full of blood. I wonder how is that I stayed alive up to this moment. All what I know is that the security branch of “Hafez Makhlouf” continued beating me demanding me to confess that I am a terrorist and that I killed soldiers in Qodssaia. (PS: At that moment there wasn’t any presence of the Free Army in Qodssaia).

So, they refused to receive me and they sent me to the hospital of Harasta. There, they received me in the entrances with whips, then, they put me in the toilette and gave me a bottle of water to shower in a minute, and then to wear the clothes of patients. They tied my hands with handcuffs, and they tied me to the bed. They tied my leg to the leg of the patient next to me, and they covered my eyes.

We were three in the same bed; we didn’t know the names of each other. Everyone had a number, and if someone asked you something, your name, age or where were you from, you must give him the number. Because there is always a soldier in the room, if he ever hears you speaking, you can say to this life goodbye.

I stayed tow weeks in the hospital. During this whole period, they only gave me a Cetamol pill. But I was whipped hundreds of times by a soldier named Maen. They turned off about 20 cigarettes in my body, the soldier did it, and the doctor as well. Even the nurse, who visited us occasionally to insult us and to turn off her cigarette; then she walks away, to continue here noble mission.

Citing the page “We are all the Free Ghiath Mattar”

The drawing is by artist: Suhair Al-Sibai