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June 21, 2013

Thousands of Syrians forgotten and stuck on the border

The Difference between Supporting a Revolution and Supporting Tyranny


The Difference between Supporting a Revolution and Supporting Tyranny: An Ethical Criterion [An edited translation from the Azmi Bishara Arabic facebook page]


1. Generally speaking,  supporters of a revolution against tyranny denounce crimes committed by those groups which purport to act on their behalf. They openly discuss even those ideas which are anathema to themselves.

2. Supporters of a tyrannical regime, meanwhile, never criticize the crimes which such a regime commits, far less denounce them. Instead, they often justify those crimes or sometimes deny they took place.

3. Not only do supporters of a tyrannical regime act to defend tyranny, they in fact provide a further example of tyranny.

4. This corroborates what I have long said: the differences between those who support tyranny, and those who oppose it are a matter of ethics, and not analysis. Ignorance often makes the water even murkier


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