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June 16, 2013

A Dream Of Powerful Monsters حلم الوحوش القوية

في فيلم “حلم الوحوش القوية” من انتاج “بدايات”، تقودنا المخرجة لينا العبد في رحلة قصيرة داخل منامات الأطفال السوريين اللاجئين برفقة أهاليهم الى مخيم شاتيلا في العاصمة اللبنانية بيروت.
تصور لينا العبد بعمق وحساسية أطفالاً صاروا كباراً على حين غرة، متأثرين بما شاهدوه وعاشوه من قتل وتهجير ورعب، فصارت أحلامهم أقرب الى الكوابيس.
حكايات بسيطة وعميقة، وأحلام تتقاطع وتتكامل في حلم (كابوس) واحد، يتصدى له الفيلم مستخدماً لغة بصرية وسمعية جريئة، يمتزج فيها جمال السرد بحساسية الصورة، وصولاً إلى نموذج تعبيري يتقارب مع عوالم الأحلام ذاتها.
وجوه الأطفال الصامتة تنظر في عيوننا مباشرة دون أن ترانا، أصواتهم تأتي من البعيد، وتمنحنا شعوراً وكأننا نمضي متلصصين في عوالمهم الداخلية الخاصة، نواجه في كل لحظة كوابيسنا ومخاوفنا الشخصية. تقول لينا العبد عن فيلمها القصير: “هي محاولة لمواجهة كوابيسي الشخصية التي تحّرض أرقي المستمر، لربما تصبح الحياة في المنام ـ على الأقل ـ أفضل من الواقع” .

From within the shelters that are home to Syrian children at the Chatila camp in Beirut, Lebanon; the director Lina Al Abed vividly portrays the haunting dreams of these forcefully migrated children, intersecting their deep stories and nightmares into one dream in the movie – The Dream of Strong Monsters – a short film by Bidayyat Productions. </p><p>Using daring audiovisual language that combines the beauty of the portrayal of the children, with the sensibility of the image, Lina Al Abed seeks an expressionistic pattern that resembles their dream worlds.

“It’s an attempt at facing my own nightmares that invokes my continues insomnia”, Al Abed says, “Maybe then, life spent dreaming will be better than reality”. The pale, silent faces of the little children staring us in the eyes without really seeing us, the echo of their voices coming from far away, makes us feel like we’re sneaking into their private world, facing with every moment our own fears and night-mares

Lina Alabed’s new film – The Dream of Strong Monsters – portrays the life and dreamworld of Syrian refugee children living in shelters in the Chatila camp in Beirut, Lebanon’s capital. She fuses their profound stories of loss and displacement having fled the violence in their neighbouring country, with their haunting dreams to create a fusion of reality and the subconscious. The result is an expressionistic film that resembles the children’s own dreamworld. “It’s an attempt at facing my own nightmares that invokes my constant insomnia”, Alabed says, “Perhaps a life spent dreaming will be preferable to reality”. The children’s pale, silent faces and their intense gazes, along with the echo of their voices that seem to come from far away, gives the impression of sneaking into their private world, and by trespassing on their dreams, confronting our own fears and nightmares. The Dream of Strong Monsters is produced by Bidayyat Productions.

First Lebanese Battalion in FSA After Hezbollah’s Call

15SaturdayJun 2013

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Lebanese individuals might have been involved in Syria’s war from early days. Sheikh Ahmad Al-Aseer declared Jihad and went himself there couple of months ago with his fighters too for a show-off exercise, but permanent or independent Lebanese fighting battalion are not known to be present as of yet.

Hezbollah has institutionalised the Lebanese involvement in Syria with his recent public involvement in the battle of Qusair. Hassan Nasrallah has publicly called his Lebanese opponents “to meet them in Syria to fight”. Hezbollah is part of the Lebanese state and government and obviously has a regional weight – which means Iran.

The lebanese government, which is supposed to be adopting a dissociation policy, is in coma status with no comment whatsoever. Even more, “sovereign” Michel Aoun has defended Hezbollah’s intervention on the basis they are fighting the takfirees (beyond our borders.)

Sadly, some Lebanese will meet Hezbollah’s divisive call and go to Syria. This will expand Syria’s war into a sectarian regional one, and allow the war to spread to Lebanon too without a shadow of a doubt.

Below is the video of the 29 years old Lebanese Fadi AbdulKader declaring the formation of the Free Battalion of “Ikleem el Kharoub” under the Free Syrian Army command to fight Hezbollah. If you don’t know it, Ikleem el Kharoub is a Sunni area in the mostly mixed Druze and Christian Chouf district.

In what could be the first video of its kind for a Lebanese, Fadi AbdulKader shows a copy of his Lebanese passport (which expired last month) confirming his ID and date of birth. The video is done on the style of previous videos for defections from the Syrian army. He declares he wants to defend his religion and land in both Syria and Lebanon. Funnily enough, he gives The Lebanese Republic a new name by calling it the Arab Republic of Lebanon.

Hezbollah, which always prided itself not be part of the Lebanese civil war, is now creating a Lebanese civil war on Syrian land and contributing to the Syrian civil war. Hezbollah has officially turned into a militia, and seeking other Lebanese militias on the opposite side. This can only get worse for everyone.



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