Google Now: Next phase of technology giant’s takeover of your entire life

Paul Joseph Watson
May 16, 2013

Google makes Big Brother look like an amateur.

Google has devised yet another ingenious way of convincing people to hand over their real-time location data, by offering location specific “reminders” as part of its Google Now feature.

During the company’s Google I/O conference for developers in San Francisco yesterday, it was announced that Google Now, the voice-recognizing search product, will soon be available on desktop computers and will network seamlessly with mobile devices.

Google Now enables users to perform Internet searches by speaking to their computers, but it also allows Google to provide both time and location specific reminders that function via GPS technology.

“For example, you can, from your desktop at work, tell Google Now: “Remind me to take out the garbage when I get home,” and when it senses through your smartphone that you are back at home, Google Now will send you a reminder,” reports Business Insider.

The program will also access your calendar to give you warnings about heavy traffic before you set off on your journey.

Another Google Now feature will provide recommendations on activities to do based on your current location and previous habits. A new Google tool called Activity Recognition will also know if you’re “walking, driving, or biking.”

If all this sounds completely invasive, Orwellian and ultimately annoying as hell, then that’s because it is – not for the transhumanist trendies who don’t find Eric Schmidt’s dream of swallowing nano-bots every morning and sending his robotic clone to social functions completely horrific – but for those of us who still want to retain some essence of privacy and basic humanity.

We are already glued to our smart phones that buzz and beep with every text message, email, Facebook comment or Twitter response. Now Google will not only distract us with things that just happened, but what we forgot should have happened, and what is set to happen in the future.

Studies already confirm that social media outlets like Facebook are only making people more depressed, while the Internet is literally re-wiring our brains as our ability to concentrate is eviscerated by constant distractions and the inability to absorb information more lengthy than a 2 minute YouTube clip or a 140 character Twitter post.

With the onset of Google Glass, all of this will be virtually glued to your head as you live in an augmented reality where you are constantly plugged into the matrix.

Where is all this leading? A 2008 Washington Post article envisaged a future dominated by “Google LifeServices,” where the entirety of people’s work and leisure time would be housed under one Google building, allowing them access to “work pods,” entertainment, shopping and socializing for one monthly subscription fee all under one roof, and all under the watchful gaze of Big Brother Google.

As Daniel Taylor writes, “The global elite are pushing the globe toward a dystopic future in which all aspects of life are in some way managed by their interests,” a “hybrid age” where “mega coporations will provide advanced technology to their constituents and thus gain loyalty.”

Google Now represents the next step towards this technocratic vision of a life full of convenience and clinical efficiency, relying on computers to do your thinking for you as man increasingly merges with machine, losing a little piece of his humanity every day in the process.


Paul Joseph Watson is the editor and writer for and Prison He is the author of Order Out Of Chaos. Watson is also a host for Infowars Nightly News.