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March 10, 2013

White House Petition: Free Bradley Manning—Give Him a Full and Complete Pardon

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Free Bradley Manning


Free Bradley Manning—Give him a full and complete pardon

Concerning Nobel Peace Prize nominee PFC Bradley Manning : Please President Obama grant a full pardon and have him released immediately. His 1000 days locked up display the worst of U.S. flagrant disregard for human rights. Show that we as a nation can accept a critical examination of our behavior and rise to the occasion of correcting it to reflect ethics and international law. PFC Manning should be lauded for exposing the truth .


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Yet another joke about Israel: bulldozers ‘flattened my home’ to build settlement in Harvard Yard

by on March 8, 2013 5


This is good: Israeli bulldozers demolish a dormitory in Harvard Yard so as to build another settlement. A Harvard satirical publication plays off the fake eviction notices posted on Harvard students’ doors by Palestinian solidarity activists, which so outraged the Anti-Defamation League. I wonder if the ADL will find that this satire also intimidates pro-Israel students?

It looks like comics are leading the way: Stephen Colbert and Saturday Night Live and the Onion are all on to the fact that the special relationship has made our foreign policy a laughing stock. Fools rush in where Chris Matthews fears to tread.

From Satire V (and thanks to Ahmed Moor):

The government of Israel yesterday demolished the freshman dormitory Wigglesworth, three days after eviction notices appeared on the doors of various suites within the building. Sources within the Israeli government suggest that there are plans to build a new settlement on the site, replete with solar panels, underground shopping centres, and an adult entertainment facility they plan to call Gaza Striptease.

Israeli officials have justified this sudden move by declaring that Harvard Yard is legitimately part of the Jewish Holy Land, that they are merely asserting their rightful territorial claims, and that residents of Wigglesworth were given prior warning. Many students, however, claim that they had thought the eviction notices “were meant to be a joke,” and were thus unprepared for the demolition.

Abe Liu (‘15/’16/’17/etc.), who lived on the sofa in Wigglesworth basement, exclaimed, “We thought it was just the Palestine Solidarity Committee trying to get publicity for their event. We didn’t actually believe Israel was planning to demolish our homes and seize the land that is rightfully ours. I was trying and failing to get swipe access into Annenberg last night, and when I came back, I saw these bulldozers had flattened my home.””


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