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Theo Kondak

Theo Kondak 1 month ago

I am in shock…humanity is so greedy…we learned to be so greedy…we literally still live in the middle ages…


Beck 1 month ago

why u shocked? this is the result of we all like to eat lot,everytime,and cheap !!!! thats just real, but u see lot of ppl had work so thats ok “ggg”


Ruoma 1 week ago

It’s shocking, indeed! Animals are not things, human are not machines, millions don’t eat enough! We can treat animals with love, work with respect, eat with grateful. But we need to get spirit, spiritual, soul, spirituality and we need to break globalization, corrupt finance, depraved politics, damaged environment, race for profits and realize, become conscious, we have to change, it’s time! We are billions… on one planet!

ozan bas

ozan bas 4 days ago

aaaaaaaaaaand i am vegan now.

Martin Lindelöf

Martin Lindelöf 4 days ago

spiritual? nah, the main issue is money here.
poor people buy cheap products, to make meat cheap it needs to be in this industrial scale.

if we had a sane monetary system (larger yield), people could spend a couple of $100s more on buying locally organic food from smaller more traditional farms.

Marilou Magne

Marilou Magne 20 hours ago

C’est tout simplement IGNOBLE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bahman Kaveh

Bahman Kaveh PLUS 11 hours ago

Wow!!! One of the best video I ever seen, Great work, thank you thousand times. Extremely powerful to watch, it clearly shows how brutal we are to animal and to ourself. Thank you for sharing,