Translated by Chris at 4:11 PM

These lyrics are taken from a poem written in 1966 by Tawfiq Ziad (توفيق زيّاد), who was a Palestinian poet and later went on to become mayor of Nazareth and finally a member of the Knesset after his return from the Soviet Union in 1973 as a member of the Israeli communist party Rakah.

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Ahmed Kaabour – I’m Calling YouI’m calling you (the you in this song is the plural you or y’all if you prefer)
I shake your hands
I kiss the ground beneath your feet (literally, ‘soles’)
And say, “I’d die for you/I will redeem you” (the word fada “فدى” is a verb that means to “redeem”, but in this context it has the meaning that he would die for them, because this word has the connotation of sacrificing yourself for someone else. Jesus Christ “the Redeemer” is sometimes call فادي in English, for example

I dedicated to you the light of my eyes (also kind of like giving your life to someone)
And I give you the warmth of my heart
And the tragedy that I live is that my fate is the same of yours

I have not become worthless in my country
Nor have I shrunk in fear
I stood in the face of my oppressors
A naked, barefoot orphan

I’ve carried my blood on my hands and never half-masted my flags
And I’ve preserved the green grass on the graves of my ancestors

أحمد قعبور – أناديكمأناديكم
أشد على أياديكم..
أبوس الأرض تحت نعالكم
وأقول: أفديكموأهديكم ضيا عيني
ودفء القلب أعطيكم
فمأساتي التي أحيا
نصيبي من مآسيكمأناديكم
أشد على أياديكم..أنا ما هنت في وطني ولا صغرت أكتافي
وقفت بوجه ظلامي
يتيما، عاريا، حافي

حملت دمي على كفي
وما نكست أعلامي
وصنت العشب أخضر فوق قبور أسلافي