The brave young martyr was a photographer and medic (Molham Bairam)
He was born in 1992,he was about to enter the college of French literature, but God chose him to be a martyr.

he died after being injured by a sniper while he was trying to aid a wounded.

he was a paramedic,in addition to his mission in documenting events in Douma

he documented a lot of mass and demonstrations in the city,and enriched our page with his fabulous pictures.

we can only say may God bless your soul, and may you rest in peace Molham.

we promise you to continu what we started together..
we promise you to fight with our cameras till we get our freedom .

الشـــهيد ملــهم بـــيرام
مصور عدســة شــاب دمشـــــقي

source N.Z. on Walls