Dear Deeply Readers,It’s been a week at warp speed in the Syria conflict. Some of our highlights include a Syria Deeply exclusive with US Ambassador Robert Ford on the decision to name Jabhat al Nusra a terror group, a look at What’s Next After Marrakesh with opposition architect Yaser Tabbara, and our first cross-post with the Council on Foreign Relations, an expert roundup asking What Should US Policy Be in Syria?

We also had a long talk with Joshua Landis on Assad, Alewites, and the future of Syria.

To catch up on the week at a glance, here’s a review of what we posted on the SD bulletin:

Monday: Battles Encircling Capital Disrupt Life in Damascus; Syria Sparks New Fighting in Lebanon

Tuesday: US Set to Boost Ties with Opposition; Fears Rise Over Al Qaeda in Syria, as Islamist Fighters Gain Ground

Wednesday: Syrian Opposition Boosted in Morocco; Alewite Massacre Stokes Sectarian Fears

Thursday: Russia Shifts on Syria, Says Assad is Losing Control;US Outlines Plans for Patriot Missiles to Turkish Border

Friday: US Officials Say Syria Has Prepared Chemical Bombs; Children at the “Edge of Starvation”

Have a great weekend and keep thinking deeply.
– The Syria Deeply Team