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It is interesting to note that behind the tank (either a T-62 or T-72) there is a rather improvised looking armoured car and a motley collection of other vehicles, accompanied by infantry. The whole thing is witness to the top-heavy nature of the regime’s forces – an impressive collection of heavy armour and weapons backed up by a very underdeveloped logistics and transport system – how often have we seen soldiers transported in buses, vans or open top trucks.

The whole thing gives the impression of a military purchasing policy designed to please militarily ignorant political leaders who take delight in owning and watching vast quantities of impressive fighting hardware without understanding that these need to be backed up by a well-developed transport & supply system.

This top-heaviness of the regime forces is undoubtedly proving a considerable weakness in the regime’s struggle against an opposition which has made the disruption of the regime’s supply lines through ambushes and IED attacks a major part of its strategy.

The impressive hardware requires a huge and efficient logistics network to supply & maintain it. As the opposition steps up its attacks on the regime’s supply lines weapons such as tanks will tend to become increasingly immobile and ineffective for lack of spare parts, fuel, ammunition and transporters. Troops will become increasingly pinned down in static positions because their transport vehicles are very vulnerable to attack.

The regime has increasingly had recourse to air-power, but helicopters and warplanes are fuel and maintenance hungry and if the logistics system is inadequate an increasing number will become grounded for longer and longer periods as they wait for repairs or fuel.