Human Chain
Sunday 16 September 2012 at 13:00
Launch Point: BOZAR
Arrival: Place du Luxembourg
The violence of the Syrian regime in suppressing the protests that shake the entire country for more than a year revolts us. The Syrian regime’s army planes deliberately target the most fragile civil populations, notably hospitals. They also target doctors, families, and journalists.We admire the courage, determination, and resilience of Syrian society, which is fighting for liberty, freedom, and democracy.We are convinced that what is happening in Syria today (despite specificities and differences) is part of the same process that begin in Tunisia in December 2012 – a process that is leading to the fall of one dictatorship after another in the Arab world.

We also recognize that this will prove a long, arduous, and sometimes contradictory process, and that the final result is neither pre-determined nor guaranteed. However, we refuse that this recognition justifies the lack of reaction and mobilisation of the international community in solidarity with democratically driven Syrians.

It is the silence and the insufficient solidarity of European civil society regarding events in Syria that concern us and drive us to this initiative. It is high time for us to organize with our civil societies to end this silence. We want our leaders to move towards decisive action and for Europe to assume a more active role in putting an end to this tragedy.

We ask the European Union and its Member States to:

• Increase humanitarian aid for Syrian refugees and displaced persons, not only in neighbouring countries, but equally and especially inside Syria
• Implement urgent humanitarian aid for the Syrian population
• Facilitate access for Syrian asylum seekers to Europe, to provide them with an adequate reception and welcome, and to facilitate their mobility within the European Union
• Increase European Union funds available for the support of Syrian human rights defenders
• Reinforce sanction policies and to strike all enterprises or individuals, which contribute to the continuation of this regime
• Actively support the calls of the United Nations Human Rights Chief that the crimes perpetrated in Syria be referred to the International Criminal Court
• Increase pressure on the powers implicated in the conflict (in particular Russia and Iran) in order to halt all military support to the Syrian regime

Who we are
We are a group of citizens from diverse cultural, professional, and political backgrounds motivated and animated by the shared determination to break the silence regarding the massacre of the Syrian people. With this initiative, we wish to respond to the call of our friends in Syrian civil society for a strengthened solidarity and mobilization of European civil society.

Concerned and Consternated Citizens

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