Sunday, September 09, 2012
The “Angry” Arab

I read this and shook my head in despair. As’ad Abu Khalil, who is only really “angry” if Arabs are being killed by some countries and not others, refers sarcastically to the “Syrian Revolution”. He’s even got a name now for people who don’t want Assad to rule the country anymore, “groupies”. Can this man get any sillier?

But what is amusing is this: groupies of the “Syrian revolution” used to promote the articles by Fisk early in the uprising when they were very critical of the regime, and have in recent months declared him an official shabbih once his articles became sympathetic to the regime. Consistency, Mr. Watson. Consistency.

Speaking of consistency, contrast his criticism of events in Bahrain with events in Syria, or compare his coverage of his posts last year for the revolution in Egypt with the start of the revolution in Syria. But who can blame him, it took him almost a year to put “Syrian Revolution” in quotation marks at least. Last year the best he could do was choose not to believe anything he heard about events in Syria.

Have you noticed another thing about the “Angry” Arab’s coverage of events in Syria? He always qualifies his coverage of Syria with the mildest of chastisements to the Syrian regime before going out of his way to portray the Syrian revolution as a Salafist, Wahabi conspiracy, conveniently because his understanding of the Syrian revolution is limited to the Syrian National Council, the most extreme and insane fringe elements of the armed opposition to the regime, and the lunatic rants of Mamoun al Homsi.

Only recently the one year anniversary of the death of Ghiath Matar, murdered by the security services, was commemorated. But of course As’ad Abu Khalil has probably never heard of him, or if he has he conveniently ignores him, because people like Ghiath don’t fit in with what the Angry Arab wants the Syrian revolution to be.