Begun by Syrian women, “Syrian Freedom Waves” is a free radio station organized by activists working in their individual capacities and not representing any entities, states, or organizations.

Mission and vision

The grassroots of the Syrian people has shown amazing bravery and resilience in demanding an end to authoritarian dictatorship and the opportunity to build a democratic Syria that guarantees human freedoms for all. The regime has met these widespread grassroots demands with horrific repression. Day after day, civilians continue to be disappeared, imprisoned, tortured and killed at the hands of a brutal regime.

SFW’s mission is to establish a free radio station that amplifies the voices of Syrians for broadcast in Syria, to emphasize:

The grassroots movement for a democratic civil society in Syria
Vision for a strong, unified, democratic and free Syria
Respect for the rule of law, due process, human rights and human dignity
Freedom of expression, opinion and assembly
Pluralism and non-sectarianism

Syrian Freedom Waves affirms the four original principles of this revolution:

Demanding the fall of the current regime in Syria
Rejecting sectarian bigotry
Pursuing nonviolent resistance
Rejecting foreign military intervention in Syria

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