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September 3, 2012

For Syria : yesterday in Brussels


Fisk is getting worse and worse

I don’t always agree with Andrew Exum but he nails Robert Fisk here:’Fisk’s column today is the result of what happens when an observer of conflict loses all moral perspective. Fisk does not excuse any atrocities or crimes. No, he does the opposite. For Fisk, all crimes of war are now for all intents and purposes equal, and all armies at war are criminal. This is a valid perspective, I guess, in

that one could make a moral argument in its favor. But unlike this [], it doesn’t tell me anything useful about what is taking place in Syria. If all acts of wars are crimes and they are all equal, I don’t need Robert Fisk’s first-hand observations, do I? They don’t tell me anything of substance.Among his peers, Fisk is arguably the least popular journalist covering either conflict or the Middle East today. That’s probably because in addition to the alleged fabulism and lack of any useful perspective, in Fisk’s narrative of conflict and conflicts, there is only room for one truly good man: and that man’s name is always “Robert Fisk.”‘

Conditions of detainees in Al Khatib security branch in Damascus

Detainees in prisons are literally suffering from tragic conditions. Witnesses have reported a fraction of what happens in Al Khateeb state security branch located in Baghdad street in Damascus.

Detainees there are suffering from an extremely suffocating crowd-ness as double the number of detainees that could fit in a room are packed in each to the extent that no one is able to sleep or comfortably sit. Some of them are forced to stand all day without resting. Days could pass with detainees getting no sleep at all. The detainees also have no access to medicine and those who get ill are left to die slowly. Sun rays do not enter the dungeons at all. Food is extremely scarce. And of course, the daily psychological and physical torture the detainees are subjected to by means the human mind cannot bear to imagine worsen the conditions drastically.Consequently, detainees began to suffer from several diseases and fatal conditions including:
1] hallucinations caused by the lack of sleep
2] malnutrition because of the scarcity of food
3] skin diseases and rashes because of the crowds, the lack of sanitation, and the continuous perspiration
4] diseases caused by the extremely appalling means of tortureThe witnesses confirmed that 5-7 detainees died during the month of Ramadan (August) only because of the crowded dungeons. This death toll is only from few dungeons and no one know the exact death toll in all the other dungeons.

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