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August 26, 2012

Syria : What happened in Daraa today

Busr Al Sham massacre, Daraa province – 26/8/2012
More than 30 civilians killed by warplane airstrike; most of them children -In the afternoon, the regime’s forces committed yet another massacre in Busr Al Sham city. More than 34 civilians got martyred, amongst them 12 children and 10 women, killed after the warplanes dropped 6 TNT barrels on a residential area, completely destroying several houses over their residents’ heads. Tens of casualties still are stuck under the rubble. Makeshift hospitals are not able to offer the urgently needed medical treatment for all those civilians wounded, many of them in critical conditions.

Activists have also reported that the situation in the city is utterly catastrophic since many of the houses are collapsed and more casualties shall be pulled out of the rubble as civilians continue to search for more. Civilians are living in fear and tens of the families are fleeing their houses and heading to nearby villages.The massacre committed in Busr Al Sham today is just one of the countless number of massacres being committed by the regime in order to halt the revolutionary movement aiming to topple it. The international community remains silent as the massacres are consecutive, from Da’el to Al Herak, to Daraya in Damascus’s suburbs and now to Busr Al Sham.


* Footage of the massacre:

–Heavy helicopter shelling over the city:

–First moments after the massacre:

–Casualties being pulled out of the rubble:

–The martyrs; some burnt, other shredded by the impact of the shelling: (martyrs mostly children)



Press Conference: Welcome to Palestine Mission Press Conference in Amman


Sunday, August 26, 2012


A bunch of Journalists, Jordanians and internationals, attended Sunday at noon local (10hGMT, 11:00 Paris time) a press conference of the Welcome to Palestine Mission in Amman (Jordan).

The press conference has taken place at the Jordanian Train Unions HQ. The director of Trad Union and other two representatives of the Jordanian labor movement supported the Welcome to Palestine Mission and depicted it as a valuable step of international solidarity to uphold the Palestinians right of movement and receiving international visitors.

he delegates, who currently over 100 volunteers coming from several European countries, France, Spain, and United States will take the direction of Palestinian Territories-Jordanian border at King Hussein Bridge (Allenby Bridge) directly after the press conference

The Mission arrival to the Occupied West Bank is expected at 15H local time (12:00 GMT, 14:00 Paris time)

Welcome to Palestine Mission


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