bandannie : the debate is on concerning justice and/or retribution

As a follow up to this previous post, this answer from mgb

“Antoine and Mundas,

“why do you find physical abuse against regime soldiers and shabbiha …disturbing ?” Because the revolutionaries (FSA et al) are supposed to be the good guys, and the good guys don’t just do what their oppressors have been doing to them, just because they can. The Syrian people have been demanding justice, dignity, the rule of law, and due process. Is torturing prisoners just and dignified; is that how the rule of law due process work?

Has anyone conducted a proper investigation to find out if the captives were participating in the attacks against their fellow country folk willingly and gladly or under coercion and the threat of being shot in the back? What could I or you or any beni-Adam do if one were a conscript or even an opposition fighter or sympathizer who was caught by the regime thugs and told to fight with them, that I’m being watched and any wrong moves and I’d get a bullet in the back of the head?

As to bombing regime propaganda outlets, I think it is imperative that the FSA, SNC and all other resistance groups issue a loud and clear warning to every person that works in such establishments (make it by direct broadcast and using the specific organization’s name) that their names have been collected and their conduct, words and actions, is being closely watched and that once the regime has fallen they will have to account for what they have done and face the consequences their actions and words.

Remember what happened to Nazi collaborators in France? And if there are people who are hell-bent on carrying out suicide missions wouldn’t the Russian ships carrying arms and munitions to the regime be a much more suitable target? – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

RE foreign aid to refugees, the Australian govt. as well as the French and Canadian (I think the US too, no?) are doing/giving something, maybe not as much as we’d like, but BTN, I say: