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July 17, 2012

#Syria Summary of field events in the capital Damascus on Tuesday 17/07/2012

#Damascus #Syria

From : Coalition of Free Damascenes For Peaceful Change

The oldest populated city in the world under fire… Summary of field events in the capital Damascus on Tuesday 17/07/2012


A military campaign on the districts of the capital Damascus continues for the third day in a row. Today the campaign has been focused on Al Qaboun since night time, where regime forces began cordoning off the area from all directions. Then, extremely heavy mortar and tank shelling started, alongside the participation of helicopter shelling.

Security forces and the army remain deployed, accompanied by tanks and armoured vehicles, in Al Midan district, where clashes take place from time to time.

For the first time, clashes took place in Al Mazra’ah area in the centre of Damascus, in the vicinity of the headquarters of the Ba’ath party, in addition to clashes in Barzeh, Al Tadamon, Al Zahirah, Mukhayam Yarmouk [Yarmouk camp], Al Qadam, Al Asali, Naher Eishe and other areas.

Regime forces brought in large reinforcements of soldiers, armoured vehicles and tanks inside the capital, with a spreed of checkpoints and blocking off roads leading to security centres in most areas of the capital. Reinforcements were also brought to entrances of the capital that link it to the suburbs.


Some of the clips from the capital today


Al Qaboon:

-Very important – military reinforcements enter Damascus 17/07/2012

-Military helicopters shell Al Qaboon:

-Impact of the indiscriminate mortar shelling:

Martyr from Egypt who died by a sniper shot from Assad’s security:

Injury of one of the residents:

Sounds of helicopter shelling:

Smoke billowing as a result of the shelling on one of the houses by helicopters:

Fire lit in the houses as a result of the shelling:

Martyr Abdulhadi Abdulhay, killed by a bullet:

Letter from the Free Syra Army to Assad’s battalion:


Al Midan:

Artillery pounding the district and heavy smoke billowing:

Another clip of the crimes that the district is experiencing done by the Republican Guard:

Hundreds of shabeeha [regime forces] enter the district from the Palestine branch:

Tanks in the centre of the capital:

Shabeeha [regime forces] fire bullets:

Armoured vehicles:

Bullets of hatred from Assad’s forces:

Clouds of smoke fill the sky of the capital with sounds of shooting:

The shelling that the district is experiencing by Assad’s gangs since today morning:

Smoke from the very strong explosion that was heard in the late afternoon today:



–Important: Regime fire onto the Othman Bin Affan Mosque in the neighborhood



–Fire opened from war planes onto Al-Qaboun as the calls to prayer are made

–Regime planes over the skies of Jobar and its surrounding areas


Kaber Atkah:

–Songs for the revolution are heard from the minarets of the mosques

–Shops on strike



–Regime shelling onto the neighborhood with mortar shells has left 4 women injured and a member of the Free Syrian Army too. A child was killed due to a shrapnel to the head.

–Sounds of clashes in the neighborhood


Baghdad Road:

–The graffiti man battalion today went round and sprayed the roads as well as covering photos of Assad. In support of Almidan.


Naher Eishe:

–Spread of armoured tanks and vehicles as the regime forces besiege the neighborhood


Al Qadam:

–A protest in support of Midan and Asali neighborhoods


–A strike in Medhat Basha Souq in support of Midan and Qaboun


–Cutting the road to Kafarsouseh Square in Midan neighborhood

Syrian graffiti

Mocking him to death

The protesters go to war with wit

Jul 7th 2012 | DAMASCUS | from the print edition

NOBODY knows why the small town of Kafr Nabl, in north-western Syria, has become a hub of cheeky banners twitting President Bashar Assad and his regime. Still outgunned but not outwitted, protesters have been using comedy sketches, songs, art and slogans to spice up their rebellion.

When the UN’s observers who were supposed to be overseeing Kofi Annan’s peace plan were plainly far too thin on the ground, a banner went up with the words “Special offer! Collect 12,000 martyrs, get 30 observers free!” Another showed the observers taking photographs as the army rampaged, with Mr Assad, an eye doctor by training, slicing up a body.

A year ago when Mr Assad famously declared that “germs” were causing trouble in Syria, echoing Colonel Muammar Qaddafi’s description, before his fall, of his opponents as “rats”, Syria’s protesters chanted, “Syrian germs salute Libyan rats!” In opposition-controlled areas taxi drivers and housewives sing songs telling Mr Assad to leave and mocking his brutal brother Maher as a donkey.

Mr Assad’s elongated neck and lisp have been a particular target of taunts. In “Top Goon: Diaries of a Little Dictator”, a puppet show series posted on YouTube, he trips over his words as he appears on a game show called “Who wants to kill a million?” Referring to the pet name the president’s wife, Asma, gives her husband, as revealed in a leaked e-mail, protesters recently used stencils to paint ducks and profiles of Mr Assad’s face side by side onto roads. “Duck, stop quacking! The Free Syrian Army is going to catch you”, runs another jingle.

Rude slogans also ridicule Mr Assad’s proclaimed valour against Israel, which has occupied Syria’s Golan Heights since 1967. “Bashar, you coward, take your dogs to the Golan!” Another jeer scoffs at a much-displayed official billboard of Mr Assad and his father, who reigned for 29 years before him, that declares they will rule “until eternity”. “No to eternity! No to eternity!” riposte the protesters.“Syria will live! Assad will die!”

from the print edition | Middle East and Africa    

Samar Yazbek Arrives in UK, Frontline Club Event Will Go On

The Bookseller reports — and Haus Publishing confirms — that after some paperwork wrangling, Syrian novelist (and TV host, and journalist) Samar Yazbek managed to make it into the UK over the weekend, and will appear at the Frontline Club this evening.

Yazbek is in the UK to discuss her book, A Woman in the Crossfire, and missed two events: one at the Mosaic Rooms, and another at the Ways with Words Festival, as she was held in Paris and not allowed to travel to the UK.

Publisher Barbara Schwepcke told The Bookseller that the process has been “a bureaucratic nightmare.”

If you want to attend, you can book a spot at the Frontline Club online.


Reviews of Samar Yazbek’s A Woman in the Crossfire

Syria’s ‘War Literature’

Reading as Witness

‘The Naked and the Dead’ documentary


Set on an island in the South Pacific where the American Army under General Cummings is trying to drive out the Japanese, The Naked and the Dead focuses on a single reconnaissance platoon. The novel is split between alternating chapters depicting ongoing action on the island and retrospective chapters focusing on a particular character’s personality and past. The Naked and the Dead contains several combat scenes and a great deal of description of Army protocol, as well as detailed descriptions of the many trials and agonies of the enlisted man. The novel deals with the difficulties of the campaign, the danger posed by the Japanese, the conflict between officers and regulars, each man’s own internal conflicts and fears, and the aggression between squad members. Everyone, from the General down, has character flaws, and there are few depictions of lasting happy family life or of good male-female relations. Later in the book a former general’s aide, Hearn, becomes the Lieutenant of the squad, to the ire of Croft, the ambitious Sergeant previously in command, and to the detriment of the men of the platoon.

The novel questions the competence and motives of high-ranking officers, as well as the integrity of each of the many men depicted. The men suffer physical hardship and even casualties, but there is little mourning or kindness. There is no mercy shown to the Japanese. Occasionally, individual soldiers show sparks of sensitivity or thoughtfulness.

The Naked and the Dead was Mailer’s first published novel and is still his top ranked novel by sales; it established his reputation as a novelist and brought international recognition.
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