9. Observer said:

I have one reservation about Majbali’s response. He claims that Syrians are intolerant and that a liberal Syria is very hard to achieve. In reality the people are the salt of the earth, generous, hard working, hospitable, and proud without ostentation. It is not hard to have a liberal Syria, you may not be old enough to remember the times when people lived under the old constitution and laws were respected. My father took a security service agent to court when he discovered that he was reading his mail without a warrant. That was in the 50′s.

In reality, the hard part is the “fear” of the minority from a perceived abuse by the majority. Abuse there is in every society but all societies that achieved stability and prosperity chose a participatory form of rule. Historically speaking the right to vote was given to a few males in Britain in the 1680′s and the vote was not secret. It took persistent and ongoing and continued demands to wrest from the Tudors and others the right to vote, the independence of the justice system, the rule of law, and the limitations of power. All of these elements existed in Syria after 1945 and the plight of Syria came when no one objected to the first coup d’etat by Hosni Zaim. He was a Kurd and put his people in key places and there followed many coups until the most ruthless of them did the final coup in 1970 and then built a security house of cards meant to keep him and his clique in power.

I hope that there is no inherent racism when you claim that Syrians are intolerant.

The one main thing that all of us are clearly and unequivocally thirsting for, including the most pro regime apologists and supporters on this blog is justice.

Justice from past and perceived future abuse by every faction. Read how ZOO clamors about the abuse of Islamists in Tunisia and how he is elated when liberals seem to have won in Libya. Read JAD lament the fact that victors write history and that Bush and Blair did not face the war crime music; and even Irritated in his writings reminds us of what he perceives as extreme actions by the opposition.

Justice therefore means that the last and current constitutions are inadequate, that the election of the current regime figures is illegitimate and that the use of force without a mandate from the people and form the independent judiciary is a crime.

I too wish to see Sharon and Bush and Blair and Zappatero and many others brought to justice just as I would love to see the current regime brought to justice.

I personally worked diligently to defeat McCain in his election bid and worked hard to remove and with success my pro war congressman and I challenged my current congressman on sending more troops around the globe.

I wish for Syria the same that I enjoy in my exile, but not only for Syria but for all people.

In the meantime, the eloquence of Syrian Hamster in his crisp and sharp analysis of the situation is unparalleled.

Syrian Hamster for Supreme Court Justice, more important than President.