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Son of Damascus said:


Who can you blame other than the regime for these bombings?

Are they not the ones in charge of security, one after another all these bombs keep going off, have they arrested anyone yet? Has one official been held responsible for these grotesque failure at securing our country?

Or is way too important for them to arrest the peaceful protestors, and let the Jihadists free, to continue empower the regimes sick narratives from day one that all the opposition is a bunch of 3ar3ouri terrorists intent on the destruction of Syria?

BTW where is your rage at the SF for what they did in Baba Amr, Idlib, Hama, Karam El Zeitoun, where is your anger at the SF for torturing to death children or raping women in jails, where is your disdain at the regime for torturing the sick in hospitals and maiming Syrians for daring to utter the word Hurrieh?

The regime has been saying from day one (Al Assad 2aw ne7riq el ballad), well here it is them burning down the country all for the sick and twisted individual that is arrogant enough to think he is our momentary master.!/HamaEcho/status/200557553145495552/photo/1/large


523. Atheist Syrian Salafist Against Dictatorships said:


So let me get this straight, the video was shot by the Syriatruth reporter? Or by the terrorists who planned it, who then sold it for a profit to Syriatruth, or gave it away to get publicity because they are too dumb to post it on their own website for exclusive bragging rights? Or was it taken by someone from the regime, who just happened to be taking a souvenir video of the area and lo and behold a suicide bomber just waltzed by in his van and blow it up to make the video really memorable for the photographer?!

Another attempt to insult the intelligence of readers here?

ولك حاجة استخفاف بعقول البشر

And this goes for the latest bombings in Damascus today, too. I have been expecting the regime to start a bombing campaign since May of last year, but they (wrongly) thought they were going to be able to put down the revolution before having to go to such extremes. Now that the international community is involved -in the form of the UN observers- and it is becoming clear that the regime will be exposed for the lying, scheming, deceptive, devious bunch of murderous thieves and gangsters they truly are, they have decided to pull all the stops and go the route of spreading chaos and confusion hoping against hope to re-plant fear in the hearts of the people and the observers as well.

I promise you, though, the Assadist Mafia and Associates WILL FAIL and will fall, and the murdering Assadist gangsters will be caught and will face justice and have their day in court to answer for the crimes they committed. The people will be victorious no matter how great the sacrifice. You just watch!

والحرية أتية غصباًعن كل أسدي مجرم حقير