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April 18, 2012

The 100 Most Influential People in the World

TIME 100: The List

Ali Ferzat

By Matt Wuerker Wednesday, Apr. 18, 2012
Muzaffar Salman / AP
There’s something about cartoons. They really get under the skin. Tyrants often don’t get the jokes, but their people do. So when the iron fist comes down, it often comes down on cartoonists.

Ali Ferzat, 60, spent years drawing insightful cartoons, mostly staying between the prescribed lines of Syria’s state-sanctioned media. But confronted with the regime’s increasing brutality, he embraced the democracy movement and turned his lampoons on President Bashar Assad directly. Masked men from the regime soon came for Ferzat. They beat him brutally, making a point of breaking both his hands to stop his cartoons.

Ferzat wasn’t intimidated. His hands have healed and are back to cartooning — drawing sharp, vivid pictures and wry observations on his people’s plight. In the end, the joke is on the regime. It thought it could silence Ferzat and break his will by breaking his hands. Instead it created a powerful symbol who draws cartoons the whole world is now reading. Talk about a great punch line.

Wuerker is a Pulitzer Prize winning cartoonist for Politico

Listening Post – Ali Ferzat: Breaking the barrier of fear

The Syrian cartoonist paid the price of mocking the government with satirical drawings, but he has not given up hope. Listening Post’s Richard Gizbert sat down with Ali Ferzat to discuss the power of political satire and the Syrian uprising.

President Choucri Al Kouatly Speech 1956


See article by Jadaliyya : A Syrian President’s daughter, Hana Choucri Al Kouatly   here

Al-Farouq brigades declare their complete commitment to Mr. Kofi Annan’s, the UN and Arab League’s ambassador initiative to Syria

avril 17, 2012

Communiqué from the “Farouq” brigade of the FSA at Homs:

We, the brigades of Farouq in the state of Homs, declare our complete commitment to Mr. Kofi Annan’s, the UN and Arab League’s ambassador to Syria, initiative that was released lately – even though it oppresses our people-confirming at the same time our support to our FSA leader’s orders that command us to give a chance for Mr.Annan’s initiative to achieve our rebelled-against Assad’s regime people’s interests.

And we confirm that our people in Homs are being shelled, killed, displaced daily and there has been no releasing of prisoners or withdrawal of any military equipment from the city and there has been no permits for Arabic or international media to get into Syria and to move freely.

There has been no humanitarian aid coming into the state of Homs, and peaceful protests were not allowed. Today (Friday) for example, there were more than 20 martyrs and tens of people were wounded in the sight of the world, which means that Assad’s gangs have not committed to any section of Mr.Annan’s initiative.

And we will not allow Assad’s regime to benefit from this chance to kill more of our people without being punished for his crimes forever. Our patience is about to end, and forewarned is forearmed.”

Long live free Syria

Homs- Friday 13/4/2012 The Free Syrian Army, Farouq Brigade

The Angola three (USA)

click on image for Democracy Now section on the Angola Three

Visit Herman’s House


On April 17, 1972, Herman Wallace and Albert Woodfox of the Angola 3 were placed in solitary confinement at Angola Prison in Louisiana. Wallace and Woodfox were subsequently railroaded and convicted for the murder of a prison guard, and remain in solitary to this day. They were framed COINTELPRO-style, in retaliation for co-founding a Black Panther chapter at Angola that initiated multiracial work and hunger strikes.

Currently held inside California’s notorious Pelican Bay State Prison, Hugo “Yogi Bear” Pinell, of the San Quentin Six, has now been in continuous solitary for at least 42 years. A participant in the recent statewide prisoner hunger strike, Pinell was a close comrade of Black Panther and prison author, George Jackson. Having been continually denied parole despite a clean record for the last 27 years, Pinell is, in the words of the Angola 3’s own Robert H. King, “a clear example of a political prisoner.” His next parole hearing is scheduled for this May.

The stories of the Angola 3 and Hugo Pinell are the most extreme examples of a widespread human rights crisis in US prisons, where prolonged solitary confinement has become routine. According to, there are “at least 75,000 and perhaps more than 100,000 prisoners in solitary confinement on any given day” in the US.” from this source

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