“Stop The Killing” campaign, started by Rima Dali, a Syrian Alawite and two of her friends, the Shams sisters, Syrian Shiites, the three were arrested . Yesterday, two men were arrested for carrying the same placard. Today in Kafr Sousah mall, City Centre, a posh mall in Damascus, the same placard with the same message. The campaign is growing, Syrian
women at the forefront. Freedom is at our door!

Ibrahim Qashoush are you watching your people? You chanted, less than a year ago, “Freedom is at the door!”

The free people heard you, “we hear you”. Your song was prophetic, your message will soon be realized. Rah yerhal.

May you rest in peace forever.

[youtube http://youtu.be/kxmtO64lqUQ?]

If he has a cell of humanity in his body, if he is not suicidal, if he wants to proof to himself that he is not a half man, he will give his resignation speech tomorrow. He can gigle as much as he wants.