Lifted from a comment at Walls

My brother is back. I don’t think I will be able to sleep tonight. He told me that the situation on the ground is far worse than what we are hearing. He said that the people are being slaughtered indiscriminately. They are rounding up all the young men that they can get their hands on to add them to the military ranks. They give them a rifle and uniform and throw them on the front line without a day of training. He was told from someone in the army recruiting office that they had 55,000 young men on their books that they were trying to get. They only managed to find around 5,000 of them. The rest disappeared. According to my brother, the defections are increasingly higher in number. He was told by a military officer that they were ordered to march to Maaret Misreen (Idleb province). They started with 400 soldiers. Only 100 made it to their destination. The rest defected.
My brother is livid with the position of the minorities. He said that what is happening in Syria is ethnic cleansing. He said that we have all lived together in Syria for hundreds of years, yet suddenly everybody fears the Sunnis. My brother was furious with his best friend, (a Christian), who was complaining that if the regime falls, the Islamists will take over and he will not be able to buy liquor in Syria. My brother could not believe that buying liquor was more important than basic decency to stand against tyranny and murder. He asked his friend if he felt it was ok for the regime to murder, torture, rape and destroy the country so that he can continue to buy liquor, that is if this is actually what will happen next. His friend had no answer. My brother was wondering if in the middle of everyone worrying about the minorities in Syria, they forgot about the basic human rights of the majority that is being murdered in cold blood.
He is also furious with the West and especially the US and the Democrats. Turns out, Mrs. Clinton is making the rounds to prohibit anyone from providing arms to the FSA. This comes from reliable sources.