On Syria Comment 320. UZAIR8 said::

Analysts have struggled to guess the state of the regime or predict its fortune.

The fate of former Hama Attorney General Andan Bakkour is a mystery and may remain so. However his words will remain long in the memory:

Former Public Prosecutor of Hama, Adnan al-Bakur on the revolution:

“….it confronts a godless regime that believes in no religion or denomination and does not recognize the existence of God. It has security bodies run by individuals who are nothing more than talking beasts. These bodies are considered among the most brutal criminal bodies in the world.”

“Bashar al-Asad regards the Syrian people as slaves who have to deify their king continuously. Those who do not do so deserve death. He is prepared to displace the entire Syrian people to the neighboring countries and replace them with another obedient people whom he settles in Syria. The human mind cannot endure the horrendous massacres committed by Bashar and the killing, torture, and brutalization. What this occupying sectarian gang is doing to Syria is difficult to describe. Nothing is forbidden for them and there is nothing to deter them.