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March 2, 2012

Syrian Revolution Update | تحديث الثورة السورية

A Syrian voice

Here are two very moving posts by Maysaloon

Stop asking me how things are in Syria, I don’t know. I want the killing to stop, I want my family and every family to be OK, to be with their loved ones and to argue about silly little things that mean nothing. I want a return to the pettiness of every day life, of worries about raising children, of who to marry and what to wear. I want so much for all those people who died to come back, to say that it was all a bad dream and that we’re all going to be together again. I feel the childhood terror of losing your loved ones, of wanting them to be with you forever, where there is no illness, no death and no evil. But it seems that I want the impossible.

If the deaths and the suffering of all those people is not to go in vain, if this country is to heal again and if we are to know happiness once more, then Assad and his regime must go. They must. This cannot be allowed to go on.


Bab Amr


My country is in the grip of revolution, civil war and the mother of all international scheming and political intrigue. How can somebody try and articulate the sheer horror and despair that I – that all of us – feel about what’s been happening? At some point language just isn’t enough. I watch – without wanting to – video after video of people who have been killed there and I notice the pasty complexions and the glazed look of eyes that are no longer needed. A man or woman, sometimes a child, lie dead with lips that once kissed a loved one, hair that was once caressed, hands that were once held, but now destined for a slow corruption. It’s all so bloody awful. There is an aching pain in my chest that won’t go away and I’m so tired all the time.

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