26 Sunday Feb 2012

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Despite the rumours that there are anti-regime protests in the country for the past 11 months, and rumours that they are being fired at, and persecuted, and that parts of the country are not the under the government rule anymore, and that some of these parts are under siege and heavy bombardment, Syrians are heavily turning up today to the ballot boxes to say YES to the new draft of the constitution.



Syrians are voting YES to a modern constitution, YES to the separation of powers and to a multi-party system where:

  1. The president holds the executive power and appoint his prime minister and ministers, and supervise the implementation of the government policies, but only the government is accountable to the parliament
  2. The president can dissolve the parliament, which is truly independent body
  3. The president appoints the members of Supreme Court, which is an another independent [judicial] body
  4. The president and his interior Minister appoint four out of five members of the committee, which approve new political parties.

I am sure Syrians will overwhelmingly vote YES in this referendum, and those in the minority who will vote NO, will be doing that only as a protect-vote against curbing the president periods in power to two, and against the removal of the privilege of the Ba’ath party.

The only consolation of the new draft constitution is that the term-counting for the current president starts from the next term. So he can stay 14 years, on the top of the current secured 14 years.

The Syrian state TVs reported this morning from Baba Amr in Homs, where apparently there is a huge turn out on the ballot boxes… Hilarious and amazing that the Syrians are still capable of being humorous:

[youtube http://youtu.be/6DK-_8j8_D0?]