13 Monday Feb 2012

This caricature from Aamouda in Syria is one of the smartest, if not the smartest caricature I have ever seen from and/or about the Syrian revolution: A drilling rig trying to reach the sea of the freedom at the bottom, drills through the different layers above it.

The first from above is the layer of fear and silence. Below it, there is the layer of security and shabiha (regime thugs). Below it is the layer of Hezbollah, Ba’ath and ‘Humat el Diyar’ (or the Syrian army). The layer underneath is the last layer before reaching the sea, which is made of Russia, Iran, benefiters of regime and Arab silence. And this is where the drilling head is at the moment.Beautiful.

Making the way to the bottom, is powered by the red blood tank in the machine. This street art is better than any analysis in any article…

source : http://lebanonspring.com/2012/02/13/caricature-of-day-a-smart-one-fromabout-the-syrian-revolution-regime/