From Walls comments

Says Son of Damascus :

Antoine, The Syrian regime is not cracking down on Homs alone (although Homs is seeing the biggest brunt of the offensive manoeuvres) Besho and Co. are cracking skulls and trying to quell the Syrian voice all over Syria. Trust me if the people can come out to demonstrate without the fear that they will in all likelihood die or be detained, they would do so in large numbers. What the regime did was give a little “breathing room” for the FSA and then come in and collectively punish everyone in the “breathing room”. (Same tactics the regime used in Lebanon if you notice) Zabadani, Deraa, Idlib, even at the border with Iraq (Deir El Zour) the army is busy suppressing and killing Syrians as I write this. Your anger is justified, but holding the people in Syria responsible for being quiet under such dire circumstances is wrong, the same CANT and SHOULD NOT be said about Syrians abroad. I am shocked and in utter disbelief at the inaction many Syrians abroad are guilty of, I remember during the Israeli Vs Hizbollah conflict in 2006 how Syrians were organizing Red Cross drives and collecting donations and spreading the word about the lives of the people in Southern Beirut living under constant bombardment, where are those same Syrians now when it is our own cities and our own people getting bombarded? That is shameful!