The great Ibrahim Aslan (1935-2012) died yesterday after entering the hospital with heart trouble. He was 77.

His funeral will be held today at the Mosque of Bilal bin Rabah in Moqattam, according to Shorouk News. Numerous writers, friends, and readers have expressed their sorrow at the loss.

From acclaimed Egyptian novelist Radwa Ashour, on Twitter, “Short sentences; words calculated as though their author were anxious to keep them from harm. Fos7a saturated with colloquial. Sorrow blended with laughter. I’m referring to the methods of Ibrahim Aslan.”

From novelist and journalist Mansoura Ez Eldin on Facebook: “With you, we say goodbye to a cherished part of our memory and our relationship to writing and culture.”

Popular author Bilal Fadl wrote on Twitter that Ibrahim Aslan’s work is widely available, adding, that, “An author does not die unless people stop reading him.”

And Palestinian poet Mourid Barghouti added, also on Twitter, “The most beautiful of the Nile’s birds leaves the lake this evening. Goodbye Ibrahim Aslan.”**

On Aslan:

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Excerpts of Aslan’s work:

“Training,” trans. Maya Abu-Deeb

Excerpts of his books in Arabic are available on his Shorouk website.

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