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December 2011

Syria: Regime Affiliates Try to Frame Muslim Brotherhood for Damascus Car Bombs

Posted 24 December 2011 19:48 GMT

Written byAnas Qtiesh

This post is part of our special coverage Syria Protests 2011.

Official Syrian media outlets yesterday published a statement allegedly issued by the Syrian Muslim Brotherhood (MB) taking responsibility for the twin car bomb attacks that caused heavy casualties on Friday. The statement came from an alleged MB website. The statement was used by regime-aligned media as evidence that the MB was behind the atrocious attach, while the authorities claimed Al Qaeda was responsible for the attack shortly after the explosions took place. Several irregularities and inconsistencies in the regime’s story prompted Syrian netizens to investigate the matter further.

The URL was one of the first reasons to raise suspicion; the website is new, created less than a month ago on 30 November, and is not blocked in Syria. The official website of the MB, which has been online for more than five years despite being blocked in Syria, is Furthermore, the language of the alleged statement was poor and had several outrageous grammar mistakes that is uncharacteristic of Islamic groups, which usually have a superb command of Arabic due to extensive study of the Qur’an. The newly-created website also had a number of odd headlines that were highly charged with sectarianism that were unrelated to the video added under them, and had misspelled the name of the leader of the MB in Syria.

Checking the official website of the MB, one finds a long statement[ar] indicting the attacks and reiterating commitment to nonviolent forms of protest.

Syrian activists searched for the site’s registration info using the whois domain lookup and found the website registered under a fake name and a poorly disguised phone number: only the country code was changed. Personal info can be faked when registering a domain, but you’ll need a working email address to register a domain.

Searching for that email on Facebook, activists found it associated with a Syrian man in Aleppo, Emile Kas Nasrallah. They then sent him a friend request, which he approved. Checking his profile, they found that he was the son of Bassel Kas Nasrallah, an adviser of the Grand Mufti of Syria, Muhammed Bader Hassoun. Needless to say, Hassoun was appointed by Assad and is an advocate of the regime.

The above findings clearly show that the fake statement and website are easily traced back to regime affiliates. Many opposition members, activists, and protesters believe the regime is responsible for the explosions. They argue that only the regime benefits from those explosions that occurred only one day after an Arab League delegation of monitors was allowed into the country.

Since the activists broke the story, Nasrallah has tried to cover the traces and shut down the fake website. Activists had already took screenshots of all the info. Shortly after breaking the story, journalist Eiad Shurbaji, who had been arrested for sometime earlier this year, has said that he’s been receiving countless death threats and threats of physical violence.

The fake statement and website initially fooled international media, including AP, to report the story of the MB claiming responsibility for the bombings. The coverage was later updated to mention that the MB denied any relation to the bombings.

This post is part of our special coverage Syria Protests 2011.

Written by Anas Qtiesh
Posted 24 December 2011 19:48 GMT · Print version Print version

SNC President Dr. Ghalioun Addresses the Nation on Christmas and New Year [English Subtitles]


Support the Victims of Repression

Association de

Soutien au



Association for

Support of



If you want to help the most affected victims of repression among the Syrian people in these hard time you can do so by donating through a wire transfer to the following bank account:

Account holder: ASPS

Agency: SG Paris uf (03100) (Socite General)

IBAN: FR76 3000 3031 0000 0372 6418 745




Account number






Who we are:

We are a very young association, established on November 4th, 2011 and registered on November 14th, 2011. Our members are located in several countries and they include Syrians and none-Syrians who joined forces to help the Syrian people suffering the harshest retribution of the repressive regime.

Our association is registered in accordance with French Law # 1901.  The association is registered with the Ministry of Interior of the Republic of France as non-profit organization with social and humanitarian goals. Our registration is filed with the police headquarters of Paris (préfecture de police de paris) under the number: w751212309.

Our goals

Our primary goal is to collect donations and send them to Syria, to those who are suffering from the terror inflicted by the Syrian regime, we will do so through the following activities:

Organize cultural events, donation campaigns including through email news-letters, friendly blogs and word of mouth.

Send the collected donations to the victims of repression and to their families through a network of activists on the ground, who are in direct contact with the victims and their families. Those activists are doctors, lawyers, intellectuals and other members of civil society and supporters of the rights of Syrian people. There are many different people involved in the aid campaigns in Syria.

Important Note: None of the donations are used to support the organizing of our activities, or the operational costs of the association. We use our own funds to operate (funds obtained through the subscription of the association members)

What do we do with the Donations?

Buy, in Syria or in neighboring countries, medications and simple medical equipments (empty blood bags, medical covers,…) in order to help doctors on the ground to treat injuries in the “clinics” established by honorable doctors to provide medical care as injured victims do not go to public hospitals because they fear revenge or arrest and severe retribution and torture.

Buy, in Syria or in neighboring countries, blankets and warm clothes. Families in Syria usually use fuel to warm-up their houses. Fuel is mainly used now to fill-up the tanks that the regime is using against its people. It’s becoming very hard for people to find enough fuel for heating.

Help the Syrian refugees in neighboring countries. Current information indicates that more than 15,000 refugees have fled the violence to neighboring Turkey, Jordan and Lebanon and the numbers are likely to increase with recent waves of violence and whole sale retribution inflicted by the regime.

Provide financial help to the families of the victims. Between the dead, the severally injured, the arrests (for political reasons) and the disappeared people, we estimate the number of families that are currently without financial resources in Syria as a direct result of the regime’s repressive actions to be around 30,000. With an average over 6 people per family, this means that around 200,000 people need immediate financial help.

Organize the transportation of goods (medication, clothes, food, …) from neighboring countries to the families of the victims.

Provide minimal support to legitimate civil actions such to ensure that the voice of the distressed communities that are demonstrating does get out. This include, when resources available, material for posters, and communication fees to upload demonstration videos.

For example :

Despite it’s young age, our association had managed to send the equivalent of 4,200 Euros to the victims of repression in Syria This amount went to :

  • Prepare “food boxes” for 50 families in the city of Zabadani (near Damascus) : 1785€
  • Financial help to 14 families in villages close to Hama (150€ per family) : 2070€
  • Medications : 85€
  • Posters and panels for pacific demonstrations : 90€
  • Telecommunication cost (uploading demonstration videos to the internet) : 85€
  • Others :105€

If you want to connect with the association, please Contact OFF THE WALL

Palestine celebrating hope

The Liberation of the Golan

December 23rd, 2011

Today demonstrators marched against the Syrian regime in Majdal Shams on the occupied Golan Heights. (For believers in the sectarian narrative, most of the people here happen to be Druze, not Sunnis). One of their slogans was ash-sha‘ab yureed tahreer al-jowlan – The People Want the Liberation of the Golan. The Syrian regime, which has slaughtered over 6,000 civilians since the revolution started, hasn’t fired a bullet over the Golan since 1973. In the clip below Asad loyalists confront the protestors, but are outnumbered. The demonstrators shout almowt wala almuzuleh – Death Rather Than Humiliation – and illi yiqtil sha‘abu kha’in – He Who Kills his People is a Traitor.

It’s interesting to note that the Golan was occupied by Zionists in 1967, before most of the demonstrators were born, and illegally annexed in 1982. The very Syrian drama unfolding on these ‘Israeli’ streets proves – if proof were needed – the absurdity of Zionist hopes that Arab national identity on occupied territory will gradually evaporate.


Now The Bombs


Robin Yassin-Kassab

with one comment

by Ali Farzat

Many Syrians have been awaiting this moment with dread. A further step down into bloody chaos and incipient civil war, a further step into the dark. This morning two car bombs exploded at security installations in Kafar Souseh, Damascus. At least thirty people were killed and over 100 injured.

Who’s to blame? There is no evidence of anyone’s guilt, and there won’t be any credible evidence while the criminal Asad regime remains in power and continues to lie and to block journalists’ access. This means that pro-regime people will follow the regime line and blame al-Qa’ida, and anti-regime people will blame the regime. I make no bones about it: I’m firmly in the anti-regime camp. Those who followed my writing before this year will know that I was once willing to give the regime the benefit of the doubt. Not any longer. This year I’ve been forced to admit that the regime is a lot less intelligent, a lot less sophisticated, than I thought. Back in February it had enough popularity to lead a genuine reform process. It’s entirely possible that Bashaar al-Asad, had he played this revolutionary year right, could have won a real election. But he didn’t play it right. From the start his regime slaughtered peaceful protestors and subjected thousands to torture, including children, even to death. Worst of all, the regime instrumentalised sectarianism in an attempt to divide and rule. After months of attacks by armed Alawi gangs on predominantly Sunni lives and property there are now instances of ‘revenge’ attacks on innocent Alawis, and tit for tat sectarian killings particularly in Homs and its surrounding countryside. All of this could have been predicted months ago. Of course, the mechanics of these killings is as obscure as that behind the bomb attacks in Damascus today. Some revolutionaries believe the regime is behind the killings of Alawis too, because it aims to spark a sectarian war which it thinks it can win. And we must not forget that sectarian war is still – to the credit of the Syrian people – not the dominant strain in the conflict. There are thousands of defected soldiers, many of whom have seen their comrades gunned down. If they had chosen to they could have attacked the minorities in a coordinated fashion. They haven’t. And the Alawi actress Fadwa Sulaiman is still leading demonstrations in the Sunni heart of Homs.


It’s debatable whether or not the regime can win a sectarian war, but it’s certain that it can’t win its struggle against the revolution for dignity. In fact the signs are piling up that the regime is losing by the day. Three days ago 60,000 revolutionaries took to the streets of Meydan in central Damascus. Thousands took to the streets of central Aleppo. It can no longer be said, therefore, that central Damascus and Aleppo are not participating in the revolution (the suburbs of these cities have been demonstrating for months). The regime’s response to the awakening of the two largest cities has been to escalate. Reports from Jabal az-Zawiyeh in Idlib province suggest that at least 250 people have been massacred there in the last three days, defectors and civilians alike. And the daily death toll of civilians across the country has risen to between 20 and 50.

Now this double bomb attack on Kafar Souseh looks very much like part of the regime’s response. It certainly plays into the regime’s hands, reinforcing the terrorism narrative on the day that the Arab League observers (very worryingly led by Muhammad ad-Dabi, who was Sudan’s intelligence chief during the massacres in Darfur) arrive in Syria. Apparently it took less than twenty minutes for the regime to ‘discover’ that al-Qa’ida, backed by the United States and Israel, was behind the bombs. The regime’s ad-Dunya TV station even informed us that the exploding cars had pictures of bin Laden on their windows. Intelligent people will have as much trouble believing this story as they have believing Butheina Shaaban’s indignant insistence that torture never happens in Syria, or the lisping idiot-in-chief’s assertion that he would leave power if the people stopped loving him.

Witnesses claim that the streets around the bomb blast were closed off by security before the explosions. The oppositionist Muhammad al-Abdullah writes on his facebook page that “Reliable sources leaked the news that the victims of the bombings in the security services building were innocent people detained during demonstrations and were transferred from prisons and detention centers to the military and security buildings to use as victims in the series of explosions planned in the coming days after signing the death protocol (the Arab League protocol) and the presence of Arab observers to let the world think that the Syrian revolution is a terrorist revolution.” The regime claims it received information from Lebanon two days ago that 200 al-Qa’ida operatives were crossing the border. Lebanon’s ex-prime minister Saad al-Hariri (admittedly an anti-Syrian politician) says “this is fabricated by the Syrian ministry and some of its tools in Lebanon.

So choose the narrative that fits you best. This is the confusion into which the criminal and traitorous regime has led us.

Summary of Events in Damascus and Damascus Suburb

‎#SNN| #Syria:: The Revolution Council in Damascus and Damascus Suburb\ The daily Report\By SRGC
Summary of Events in Damascus and Damascus Suburb
Thursday, December 22, 2011

Another day of rage in Syria, government who is trying to quiet the sound of its people calling for freedom and unarmed civilians who have been calling for freedom for more than none month and the answer to their call is a widespread of army, Shabeeha (Regime sponsored gangs) and security forces. All the above are spread across the towns and in the streets arresting activists, beating on demonstrators, shooting with live bullets and using heavy machine guns and tanks to shell the homes.
This is seen in repeating itself almost every day for the last few months and again today another day like the past days in Damascus and the Suburbs of Damascus. The security forces spread in Al-Qadam fully armed. In Bab Mussalla Busses full of armed men were traveling to Bab AlJabia. In Zamalka the security forces spread in the streets placing check points and searching civilians. In Kafr Battnah at least twenty army vehicles, 5 busses and six more security cars stormed the streets positioning in the center of the city with rocket launchers, and the security forces raided homes and arrested people. In Harasta the snipers took position on the roofs of the buildings and the army sormed the street beating and insulting the pedestrian. Hammuriyyah was under siege. As for Arbeen it was stormed by the Army. Douma’s share was not any less form its neighbors in addition to war plane circling the sky above the residents of Douma. Mu’adhameyyatu-Sham’s street was filled with army and armed men especially as the students were leaving schools and being young children and student didn’t stop the security forces form beating the students nor it prevented them from shooting live bullets on the students. In addition the residents of Mu’adhameyyatu-Sham heard explosions but had no clue where the source was. In AlKeswah also gunfire was heard and the security forces were spread around. Kanaker and Az-Zabadani are still under the army occupation.
In addition to a strict security aggression, the residents were punished by power outage in most areas on and off in almost a complete power outage took place in Al-Qadam, Mu’adhameyyatu-Sham, Al-Kiswah and Douma in addition to disconnecting phone lines in Douma.
The tight security, the spread of the army with their artillery and the bad humanitarian status of the suburb with lack of necessities of food and fuel, all of that didn’t stop the residents in Damascus and its suburbs from going out in the street protesting this situation and insisting on calling for freedom. There was two demonstration in Al-Maidan, one in Ash-Shaghoor, one student demonstration in Al-Qanawat, one in al-Qadam, two in al-Qaboon by students and one which was attacked by the security forces. Two in Zmalka, one in Hammuriyyah, Harasta, Douma, Judaidat Artooz, Al-Kiswah, Al-A’bbadah, Yabrood and Az-Zabadani.
The demonstrators were faces with attacks from the security forces and in many cases there were beaten and arrested. In Zamalka few men were arrested, in Harasta more than twenty men were taking by the security forces. In Al-Keswah two men were arrested from the family of An-Naddaf. In Kanaker few men were detained and some confirmed names from Wadi Barada: Muhammad Ahmad As-Saleebi, Muhammad Hendiyeah, Abdullah Haydar and Ahmad Alya (Airforce sldier).
One Confrimed Martyr in Mu’dhameyyatu-Sham: Muhammad Khalid Al-Wadi.
In Kanaker there were reports of the government retrieving the military identification cards from the army and replacing it with Police IDs and police uniform.

The collection of some videos of today’s events:
Demonstration in Al-Maidan:
Student’s demonstration in AL-Qaboon:
Mass demonstration in Zamalka:
Kafr Battnah:
Hammureyyah and Misraba:
The security forces chasing the activists in the street of Mu’adhameyytu-Sham:
Students in Judaidat Artooz:
Demonstration in Al-A’bbadah:
Damascus University declared strike, the School of Architecture was attacked by the army
The Strike in Damascus University/School of Science:

The above translation is a summary of the Arabic version. The information contained in this translation is taken from the Arabic version, and the translation is summarized in order to avoid repeated phrases and an overabundance of details in terms of the neighborhood and street names.

Rafeef Ziadah – ‘Shades of anger’, London, 12.11.11

Assad’s Hapless Heroes

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

I’ve heard that the Syrian army has carried out more live fire exercises to test their readiness against any external aggressors. Of course we all remember how ready the Syrian army was in 1967, when it lost the Golan Heights without putting up a fight, or when the Syrian Air force lost eighty planes over Lebanon in one day because their planes are rubbish, or, more recently, when the Israelis bombed a suspected nuclear installation in 2007, or when Israeli planes breached Syrian airspace shortly afterwards, or when the American special forces carried out a helicopter raid from Iraq and killed Syrian citizens on Syrian soil, or when the Mossad assassinated a Syrian general in Lattakia, and Imad Mughniyeh in Damascus – all without a single response from the Syrian regime, which says it has the right to respond at a time and place of its choosing, ie never.

To be honest with you, the first time I realised that Syria even had a navy was when I heard that it was being used to shell parts of Lattakia. Of course, when we say Navy in Syria, what we really mean is a bunch of hill-billy yokels on some rusty fishing boats equipped with missile launchers and some big guns. We’re not exactly talking about a Syrian carrier group or something.

Who are we kidding? The Syrian army consists of a rag-tag bunch of undertrained, non-motivated, ill-equipped conscripts, along with a hardcore of heavily armed, fanatically loyal thugs who are concerned only with protecting a dictatorship and who have not hesitated once to use their weapons against Syrians. But this is not a novel invention of Assad’s Baath. Back when the Baath party was a party of crackpots who were oppressed and banned, the first Syrian president to use the Syrian army as an instrument of butchery, rather than for the defence of the realm, was the fascist Adib al Shishakli against the Druze community. Since then, the Syrian army’s greatest triumphs have been against Syrian civilians, or in repressing and extorting Lebanese people at checkpoints.

So the next time you hear about the brave and noble Syrian ‘army’ carrying out live fire exercises, just remember to put this bunch of incompetent and ineffective thugs in perspective. Here are some examples of how brave the Syrian army is in the face of ferociously unarmed, half-naked, Syrian civilians with their arms tied behind their backs


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