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He says:
o Mercy upon our martyrs who fell in Syria and in Jabal Al-Zawiya in the massacre of Kafr Uwaid.
o Saturday 17 Dec, the army entered Jabal Al-Zawiya area including kafr Amim town, where the massacre took place.
o Sunday 18 Dec, they [the regime’s army] burned the homes and the motorcycles, targeting the homes of activists, and firing randomly during the day and the night.
o Monday morning, 19 Dec, they committed a massacre, around 80 army personnel of this group defected between the towns of KanSafra and Kafr Uwaid. We heard heavy gunfire and artillery shelling on a specific place where there were no civilians. Then we knew that around 80 army personnel defected and fled to a poultry farm between KanSafra and Kafr Uwaid, so the army shelled this farm, killed them all, and took their corpses to unknown destination. Of course this random shelling of defected army members caused deaths between civilians as well, 10 civilians were killed from the town KanSafra, as the shelling was close by their town.
o Tuesday, 20 Dec, the army surrounded more than a 100 civilians west of the village of Kafr Uwaid in a village called Abu Dmaya, around 12:00 noon, they [civilians] started to shout and cry out for help, they called us telling us they are surrounded. They were civilians…more than a 100, the army surrounded them when it entered the towns of Ayla Rouse, Al-Mouzara, and Kafr Uwaid. They had no safe place to go, they were activist demonstrators. Of course when they pled with us, we had no power or ability other than to plea to the world; I am one of the persons who called Rami Abdul-Rahman, the head of the Syrian Center for Human Rights, and he told me that he called the head of the Arab League but sadly no one responded to our plea. For more than 4 hours, the shelling was continuous on those civilians. We pled through media outlet, we posted pleas on most of the outlets, and in 4 hours…it was possible that they did not have to be martyrs, they could have stayed alive…had anyone responded to us, but sadly no one responded to us, so all of them fell [dead]. We found some of them handcuffed and finished off; after being arrested, some were killed. More than 15 victims were finished off after they were arrested. We brought them back to the village’s mosque in Kafr Uwaid town. The scene was very frightening, and I am one of the witnesses on these massacres.
o 21 Dec, Wednesday, they [the regime’s army] committed a massacre in Jabal Shehshabo in the town of Nmir, they killed more than 15 civilians in a refugee camp; they were refugees fleeing the army, they fled their villages which the army occupied and turned into barracks, these also were shelled by heavy artillery.
o We ask …we plea and ask the whole world to stand with us, we are being killed in cold blood
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