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December 25, 2011

Syria’s torture machine

As shown on Channel 4

Part II

Part III (last)

Syria : Massacre of Kafr Uwaid


He says:
o Mercy upon our martyrs who fell in Syria and in Jabal Al-Zawiya in the massacre of Kafr Uwaid.
o Saturday 17 Dec, the army entered Jabal Al-Zawiya area including kafr Amim town, where the massacre took place.
o Sunday 18 Dec, they [the regime’s army] burned the homes and the motorcycles, targeting the homes of activists, and firing randomly during the day and the night.
o Monday morning, 19 Dec, they committed a massacre, around 80 army personnel of this group defected between the towns of KanSafra and Kafr Uwaid. We heard heavy gunfire and artillery shelling on a specific place where there were no civilians. Then we knew that around 80 army personnel defected and fled to a poultry farm between KanSafra and Kafr Uwaid, so the army shelled this farm, killed them all, and took their corpses to unknown destination. Of course this random shelling of defected army members caused deaths between civilians as well, 10 civilians were killed from the town KanSafra, as the shelling was close by their town.
o Tuesday, 20 Dec, the army surrounded more than a 100 civilians west of the village of Kafr Uwaid in a village called Abu Dmaya, around 12:00 noon, they [civilians] started to shout and cry out for help, they called us telling us they are surrounded. They were civilians…more than a 100, the army surrounded them when it entered the towns of Ayla Rouse, Al-Mouzara, and Kafr Uwaid. They had no safe place to go, they were activist demonstrators. Of course when they pled with us, we had no power or ability other than to plea to the world; I am one of the persons who called Rami Abdul-Rahman, the head of the Syrian Center for Human Rights, and he told me that he called the head of the Arab League but sadly no one responded to our plea. For more than 4 hours, the shelling was continuous on those civilians. We pled through media outlet, we posted pleas on most of the outlets, and in 4 hours…it was possible that they did not have to be martyrs, they could have stayed alive…had anyone responded to us, but sadly no one responded to us, so all of them fell [dead]. We found some of them handcuffed and finished off; after being arrested, some were killed. More than 15 victims were finished off after they were arrested. We brought them back to the village’s mosque in Kafr Uwaid town. The scene was very frightening, and I am one of the witnesses on these massacres.
o 21 Dec, Wednesday, they [the regime’s army] committed a massacre in Jabal Shehshabo in the town of Nmir, they killed more than 15 civilians in a refugee camp; they were refugees fleeing the army, they fled their villages which the army occupied and turned into barracks, these also were shelled by heavy artillery.
o We ask …we plea and ask the whole world to stand with us, we are being killed in cold blood
—————————— End of transcript

Syria: Regime Affiliates Try to Frame Muslim Brotherhood for Damascus Car Bombs

Posted 24 December 2011 19:48 GMT

Written byAnas Qtiesh

This post is part of our special coverage Syria Protests 2011.

Official Syrian media outlets yesterday published a statement allegedly issued by the Syrian Muslim Brotherhood (MB) taking responsibility for the twin car bomb attacks that caused heavy casualties on Friday. The statement came from an alleged MB website. The statement was used by regime-aligned media as evidence that the MB was behind the atrocious attach, while the authorities claimed Al Qaeda was responsible for the attack shortly after the explosions took place. Several irregularities and inconsistencies in the regime’s story prompted Syrian netizens to investigate the matter further.

The URL was one of the first reasons to raise suspicion; the website is new, created less than a month ago on 30 November, and is not blocked in Syria. The official website of the MB, which has been online for more than five years despite being blocked in Syria, is Furthermore, the language of the alleged statement was poor and had several outrageous grammar mistakes that is uncharacteristic of Islamic groups, which usually have a superb command of Arabic due to extensive study of the Qur’an. The newly-created website also had a number of odd headlines that were highly charged with sectarianism that were unrelated to the video added under them, and had misspelled the name of the leader of the MB in Syria.

Checking the official website of the MB, one finds a long statement[ar] indicting the attacks and reiterating commitment to nonviolent forms of protest.

Syrian activists searched for the site’s registration info using the whois domain lookup and found the website registered under a fake name and a poorly disguised phone number: only the country code was changed. Personal info can be faked when registering a domain, but you’ll need a working email address to register a domain.

Searching for that email on Facebook, activists found it associated with a Syrian man in Aleppo, Emile Kas Nasrallah. They then sent him a friend request, which he approved. Checking his profile, they found that he was the son of Bassel Kas Nasrallah, an adviser of the Grand Mufti of Syria, Muhammed Bader Hassoun. Needless to say, Hassoun was appointed by Assad and is an advocate of the regime.

The above findings clearly show that the fake statement and website are easily traced back to regime affiliates. Many opposition members, activists, and protesters believe the regime is responsible for the explosions. They argue that only the regime benefits from those explosions that occurred only one day after an Arab League delegation of monitors was allowed into the country.

Since the activists broke the story, Nasrallah has tried to cover the traces and shut down the fake website. Activists had already took screenshots of all the info. Shortly after breaking the story, journalist Eiad Shurbaji, who had been arrested for sometime earlier this year, has said that he’s been receiving countless death threats and threats of physical violence.

The fake statement and website initially fooled international media, including AP, to report the story of the MB claiming responsibility for the bombings. The coverage was later updated to mention that the MB denied any relation to the bombings.

This post is part of our special coverage Syria Protests 2011.

Written by Anas Qtiesh
Posted 24 December 2011 19:48 GMT · Print version Print version

SNC President Dr. Ghalioun Addresses the Nation on Christmas and New Year [English Subtitles]


Support the Victims of Repression

Association de

Soutien au



Association for

Support of



If you want to help the most affected victims of repression among the Syrian people in these hard time you can do so by donating through a wire transfer to the following bank account:

Account holder: ASPS

Agency: SG Paris uf (03100) (Socite General)

IBAN: FR76 3000 3031 0000 0372 6418 745




Account number






Who we are:

We are a very young association, established on November 4th, 2011 and registered on November 14th, 2011. Our members are located in several countries and they include Syrians and none-Syrians who joined forces to help the Syrian people suffering the harshest retribution of the repressive regime.

Our association is registered in accordance with French Law # 1901.  The association is registered with the Ministry of Interior of the Republic of France as non-profit organization with social and humanitarian goals. Our registration is filed with the police headquarters of Paris (préfecture de police de paris) under the number: w751212309.

Our goals

Our primary goal is to collect donations and send them to Syria, to those who are suffering from the terror inflicted by the Syrian regime, we will do so through the following activities:

Organize cultural events, donation campaigns including through email news-letters, friendly blogs and word of mouth.

Send the collected donations to the victims of repression and to their families through a network of activists on the ground, who are in direct contact with the victims and their families. Those activists are doctors, lawyers, intellectuals and other members of civil society and supporters of the rights of Syrian people. There are many different people involved in the aid campaigns in Syria.

Important Note: None of the donations are used to support the organizing of our activities, or the operational costs of the association. We use our own funds to operate (funds obtained through the subscription of the association members)

What do we do with the Donations?

Buy, in Syria or in neighboring countries, medications and simple medical equipments (empty blood bags, medical covers,…) in order to help doctors on the ground to treat injuries in the “clinics” established by honorable doctors to provide medical care as injured victims do not go to public hospitals because they fear revenge or arrest and severe retribution and torture.

Buy, in Syria or in neighboring countries, blankets and warm clothes. Families in Syria usually use fuel to warm-up their houses. Fuel is mainly used now to fill-up the tanks that the regime is using against its people. It’s becoming very hard for people to find enough fuel for heating.

Help the Syrian refugees in neighboring countries. Current information indicates that more than 15,000 refugees have fled the violence to neighboring Turkey, Jordan and Lebanon and the numbers are likely to increase with recent waves of violence and whole sale retribution inflicted by the regime.

Provide financial help to the families of the victims. Between the dead, the severally injured, the arrests (for political reasons) and the disappeared people, we estimate the number of families that are currently without financial resources in Syria as a direct result of the regime’s repressive actions to be around 30,000. With an average over 6 people per family, this means that around 200,000 people need immediate financial help.

Organize the transportation of goods (medication, clothes, food, …) from neighboring countries to the families of the victims.

Provide minimal support to legitimate civil actions such to ensure that the voice of the distressed communities that are demonstrating does get out. This include, when resources available, material for posters, and communication fees to upload demonstration videos.

For example :

Despite it’s young age, our association had managed to send the equivalent of 4,200 Euros to the victims of repression in Syria This amount went to :

  • Prepare “food boxes” for 50 families in the city of Zabadani (near Damascus) : 1785€
  • Financial help to 14 families in villages close to Hama (150€ per family) : 2070€
  • Medications : 85€
  • Posters and panels for pacific demonstrations : 90€
  • Telecommunication cost (uploading demonstration videos to the internet) : 85€
  • Others :105€

If you want to connect with the association, please Contact OFF THE WALL

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