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Summary of Events in Damascus and Damascus Suburb
Thursday, December 22, 2011

Another day of rage in Syria, government who is trying to quiet the sound of its people calling for freedom and unarmed civilians who have been calling for freedom for more than none month and the answer to their call is a widespread of army, Shabeeha (Regime sponsored gangs) and security forces. All the above are spread across the towns and in the streets arresting activists, beating on demonstrators, shooting with live bullets and using heavy machine guns and tanks to shell the homes.
This is seen in repeating itself almost every day for the last few months and again today another day like the past days in Damascus and the Suburbs of Damascus. The security forces spread in Al-Qadam fully armed. In Bab Mussalla Busses full of armed men were traveling to Bab AlJabia. In Zamalka the security forces spread in the streets placing check points and searching civilians. In Kafr Battnah at least twenty army vehicles, 5 busses and six more security cars stormed the streets positioning in the center of the city with rocket launchers, and the security forces raided homes and arrested people. In Harasta the snipers took position on the roofs of the buildings and the army sormed the street beating and insulting the pedestrian. Hammuriyyah was under siege. As for Arbeen it was stormed by the Army. Douma’s share was not any less form its neighbors in addition to war plane circling the sky above the residents of Douma. Mu’adhameyyatu-Sham’s street was filled with army and armed men especially as the students were leaving schools and being young children and student didn’t stop the security forces form beating the students nor it prevented them from shooting live bullets on the students. In addition the residents of Mu’adhameyyatu-Sham heard explosions but had no clue where the source was. In AlKeswah also gunfire was heard and the security forces were spread around. Kanaker and Az-Zabadani are still under the army occupation.
In addition to a strict security aggression, the residents were punished by power outage in most areas on and off in almost a complete power outage took place in Al-Qadam, Mu’adhameyyatu-Sham, Al-Kiswah and Douma in addition to disconnecting phone lines in Douma.
The tight security, the spread of the army with their artillery and the bad humanitarian status of the suburb with lack of necessities of food and fuel, all of that didn’t stop the residents in Damascus and its suburbs from going out in the street protesting this situation and insisting on calling for freedom. There was two demonstration in Al-Maidan, one in Ash-Shaghoor, one student demonstration in Al-Qanawat, one in al-Qadam, two in al-Qaboon by students and one which was attacked by the security forces. Two in Zmalka, one in Hammuriyyah, Harasta, Douma, Judaidat Artooz, Al-Kiswah, Al-A’bbadah, Yabrood and Az-Zabadani.
The demonstrators were faces with attacks from the security forces and in many cases there were beaten and arrested. In Zamalka few men were arrested, in Harasta more than twenty men were taking by the security forces. In Al-Keswah two men were arrested from the family of An-Naddaf. In Kanaker few men were detained and some confirmed names from Wadi Barada: Muhammad Ahmad As-Saleebi, Muhammad Hendiyeah, Abdullah Haydar and Ahmad Alya (Airforce sldier).
One Confrimed Martyr in Mu’dhameyyatu-Sham: Muhammad Khalid Al-Wadi.
In Kanaker there were reports of the government retrieving the military identification cards from the army and replacing it with Police IDs and police uniform.

The collection of some videos of today’s events:
Demonstration in Al-Maidan:
Student’s demonstration in AL-Qaboon:
Mass demonstration in Zamalka:
Kafr Battnah:
Hammureyyah and Misraba:
The security forces chasing the activists in the street of Mu’adhameyytu-Sham:
Students in Judaidat Artooz:
Demonstration in Al-A’bbadah:
Damascus University declared strike, the School of Architecture was attacked by the army
The Strike in Damascus University/School of Science:

The above translation is a summary of the Arabic version. The information contained in this translation is taken from the Arabic version, and the translation is summarized in order to avoid repeated phrases and an overabundance of details in terms of the neighborhood and street names.