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December 17, 2011

From a Syrian voice on Walls

“The regime has learnt nothing in 9 months of revolution.

A couple of days ago, the regime went about arresting students in 7-10th grade (12-16 years old) in the town of Salqin, the only town in Edleb Governorate that does not have regular demos and the regime still entertain some support in.

Salqin at one point produced 3 governors out of a total of 14 in Syria. Not bad for a town of approx 20,000. It is no wonder the regime has some support in it. Anyhow, this story is exactly what happened in Dara’a 9 months ago.

The same stupidity all over again. Salqin will soon join the revolution. The municipal elections in Edleb were a total farce. Candidates won by default (tazkiyah) which means you had more seats than candidates. I bet they had even more seats than voters ! Despite this, we have the head of the legal committee overseeing the election declaring this a success and saying that this reflects the great awareness in the voters ranks. Ba’athis democracy at it’s best.

Link from SANA about the results here: I’ve been also checking SANA site for some insight into what the gang thinks. They did not at all mention the new Russian sponsored UNSC resolution. Pictures of the latest pro-regime demos shows massive hemorrhage of supporters: Also they had this gem on Friday, which is an implicit admissions that people do get killed in Syria while demonstrating. All signs that the regime is in a pre-mortem condition.”


Bradley Manning hearing

From the Majority Report, live M-F 11:30am EST and via daily podcast at http://Majority.FM:
A rundown of today’s Bradley Manning hearing. NOTE: Since the end of our show today, the judge has said he will NOT be stepping down from the case.

Stand Still for Syria – 9 month anniversary of the revolution [London 15/12/11]


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